Rose’s return to Cavaliers still up in air

Derrick Rose’s return to the Cleveland Cavaliers remains a mystery, but at least the sides are talking.

That’s the latest from Cavs coach Tyronn Lue, who told reporters the team has had “positive” conversations with the veteran point guard and his representatives in recent days.

Rose has been out with a bum ankle, but it’s been two weeks since Lue said he expected Rose to return in “about two weeks.” Apparently, however, the issues run deeper than the injury.

According to an ESPN report, Rose is contemplating walking away from the game — with his assortment of injuries supposedly causing him to re-think whether he ever wants to return.

The Athletic reported early Sunday that Rose “wants to return” to the team.

“Whenever he’s ready to tell us or whatever, we’re ready for that,” LeBron James told reporters prior to the Cavs’ win over Memphis on Saturday. “You don’t ever fast-track someone’s process of what they may be going through. When they’re ready to talk about it or ready to bring it to the forefront, as his teammates, we’ll be ready for it.

“I don’t know what the organization’s stand on that is. That’s different. From us as players, we don’t need an answer from him. We want him to be as great as he can be, off the floor first before he even thinks about being on the floor.”

Rose, 29, is averaging 14.3 points, but just 1.7 assists, in seven games this season. The Cavs (16-7) have won 11 straight.

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  1. To be fair, I hope he returns, he can and should be really able to help the second unit, that is why he was brought in if I remember correctly. It would be a shame if it were to end like this for him.

  2. Agree with Steve. Fans are quick to write guys off, as if they have nothing left to give. They said Calderon was worthless, yet he has shown his value lately. They said Wade was washed up, but now Wade is a great 6th man. They say Rose should retire, but why rush him out the door? Grant Hill looked done, but then had a 2nd chapter of value in Phoenix. A bigger concern is TT because he is engulfed in the Kardashian Black Hole. If he had not gone down that path, I would feel differently about it, but he did, so… probably good to move him. Especially since he is fathering a K Kid.

  3. I say plug him right back in the starting unit. DWade is guiding the 2nd unit brilliantly in this string of 11 straight victories. Plug Jose right back into mop up duty during blowouts. This way, when IT comes back and claims the starting PG spot we can put DRose back in the 2nd unit. By that time either DWade or DRose will be injured so one of those can lead the 2nd unit.

    Don’t get me wrong. Jose has done an excellent job standing there at the PG spot. He raises his hands most excellently at times. His high motor skills allow him the capability to get down to the other end of the basketball court without collapsing. Which is only from the top of the key to the other top of the key so that’s like what? less than 20 feet of sprinting?

  4. With wade, korver, green, frye, and probably crowder in the second string unit there is no room for derrick rose in the regular rotation. Rose’s role is relegated to what calderone’s role is now as the backup starting point guard while thomas is recovering from injury, or when Wade needs rest or if injury occurs to substitute for him. That means rose, and shumpert are not viable to remain in the regular ten man rotation.A height deprived team ,such as the cavaliers, must have frye in the regular ten man rotation or get exploited in the low post.
    Also thompson’s play has been horrendous not withstanding the calf injury and he must come out of his slumber or needs to get replaced. This guy plays with no intensity or brings little to no energy. He must revive his agressive ways of two seasons ago when he was a consistently good offensive rebounder.

  5. There is no place for derrick rose in the second string unit where wade, korver, green, and frye are playing so well in unison. I assume crowder will join the second string unit once thompson returns to the starting lineup. That leaves both rose and shumpert out of the ten man rotation. Wade has transformed the team with his dynamic play on both ends of the court. Now when lebron james leaves the game for a rest the second string unit is not having a negative point differential the way they had in previous seasons. Occasionaly the cavaliers second unit even out scores the oponents when james is not in the game. Duane wade may win 6th man of the year award.

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