Pistons scanning market for Drummond, RJ?

Andre Drummond and the Pistons escaped with a win vs. the Thunder.

The Detroit Pistons have “quietly explored” the idea of trading center Andre Drummond and guard Reggie Jackson, according to a report from ESPN.

It appears the Pistons are in no hurry to move either player — but were merely attempting to gauge interest.

Per ESPN: “Detroit has quietly explored the trade market for each of its franchise centerpieces, according to sources across the league, and come away disappointed with the potential return. (Stan Van Gundy himself has said anyone is available for the right price.)”

The website added: “Any Drummond deal at the deadline is an extreme long shot, but Jackson remains in play for Minnesota, Orlando, New Orleans, or some mystery destination. Even if Detroit keeps him, missing the playoffs would put dramatic changes on the table this summer.”

The Pistons are 26-30 and currently hold the No. 8 playoff spot in the East. That could mean another first-round matchup with the defending Cavaliers.

But for right now, they’ll try to come around, and it appears, get things right from within.

As ESPN noted: “Jackson has met privately with Van Gundy and wondered why he doesn’t have the ball more in the fourth quarter, and whether he still has the confidence of the coaching staff.”

Van Gundy told the website: “Reggie and I talk every day,” Van Gundy said. “I understand this is uncomfortable for him. But when we get a Reggie who is attacking and finishing better, the ball will be in his hands more.”

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