Pistons open door for possible Bradley trade

Veteran guard Avery Bradley is reportedly being dangled by the Pistons.

The Detroit Pistons have made shooting guard Avery Bradley available in trade talks leading up to the Feb. 8 deadline, according to ESPN.

Bradley is among the Pistons said to be available, with teams also reportedly asking about small forward Stanley Johnson and rookie shooting guard Luke Kennard.

But of those three, Bradley would be the most enticing and a trade with him at the center would command the most in return.


So far, Detroit’s asking price for Bradley, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent this summer, is significant, league sources said.

Bradley, 27, is among the NBA’s top two-way backcourt players, averaging 15 points and offering strong defense — two traits he brought over from the Boston Celtics, who traded Bradley to Detroit in the offseason, creating room for free-agent signee Gordon Hayward.

A groin injury has sidelined Bradly off and on throughout the season. He missed the Pistons’ 121-104 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday. He spent the first seven years of his career with the Celtics.

The Cavs and Washington Wizards are among the teams that are likely to at least make a phone call on Bradley, if they haven’t already.

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  1. Just an IMHO, but I think he’s the best two way perimeter player in the league. Love his D!!!

  2. He’s only making around $8 mil… we could trade Shumpert for him straight up, or trade Thomas & Rose for him. Then trade Thompson & Zizic for Deandre jordan, and use the open roster spot for a buyout candidate, either KCP or George Hill. Best part is we get to keep Channing Frye to be Jordan’s backup. What are we now, like 19-1 when Frye plays at least 11 minutes? Gotta keep Channing.

    • Great ideas Ben! And yes, Cavs are 18-1 (including 18 straight wins) in that Frye scenario. Thanks for following along and taking time to comment. – Sam

      • Thanks, Sam. Bradley’s defense is exactly what we need. Personally, I think that if we do keep Thomas, he needs to come off the bench. Gotta have a better defensive guard starting and finishing games. Hill will be 32 this year – no sense taking on Hill’s salarynow that Bradley is available, plus Hill will most likely get a buyout. KCP of the Lakers is also rumored to get a buyout. I say we trade for Bradley (using Heat 2nd rounder and either Shump or Thomas/Rose), then do a separate deal using the Nets pick for Jordan in exchange for Thompson/Zizic.

        • Bradley must be avaialable to be flipped in a new trade, because OKC is after him now. Why aren’t the Cavs at least engaging the Clippers about Bradley? Im not a fan of getting Lou Williams, but i do like the idea of getting a Jordan & Bradley combo. If OKC jumps on him now, then it will be too late.

  3. Bradley will be great addition the the Cavs. But the Cavs have been (or are being rumored to) making roster changes just for the sake of it (why trade Frye?).

    Ok, here is a trade idea that I’m pretty sure not many would think of: Send JR and Shump back to the Knicks for their pair of Centers – Noah and O’Quinn. Then try shipping Thompson and Zizic to Detroit for Bradley and Leuer.

    Knicks get rid of one poison for half, or so to say. Cavs get one serviceable guy for nothing!

    Pistons get rid of inactive Leuer.

    IF, only IF, these happen, then I would say bring IT-Bradley-Crowder-Green-Noah off the bench and give them 20+ minutes together That’s 60% of the starting line-up that beat Warriors in their den on successive years. Start Rose, Wade, Lebron, Love, O’Quinn. And bring Frye/Korver/Cedi/Jose as/if needed.

  4. If not Cleveland, maybe the Cavs can help facilitate getting him to OKC somehow.

    We can try to give the Warriors trouble one way or another.

  5. A few simple trades and at least 1 buyout signing can make our roster complete. If Detroit doesn’t want Shumpert and our Miami 2nd rounder for Bradley, then offer them Thomas and Rose. Either way, we get Bradley. Then offer Thompson, Zizic and Nets pick for Deandre Jordan. Clippers can’t say no to that, rebuild or not, Clippers know they can’t compete with all the top western conference monster teams. We end up with at least 1 free roster spot for a buyout candidate. This is what our roster could and should look like post trade deadline:


    C Jordan (or Dedmon)
    PF Love
    SF James
    SG Smith (or Bazemore) (or KCP buyout?)
    PG Bradley (or Hill buyout)

    Wade, Green, Frye, Crowder, Korver, Calderon, Osman, (plus either Hill, Thomas, Rose or Shumpert depending on if Hill gets a buyout and who we deal in the Bradley trade)

    Let’s say that Jordan isn’t available for some odd reason. We would still need to replace Thompson somehow… my plan B would be to deal with ATL and use our Nets pick to acquire both Dedmon and Bazemore… yes both… we are not only giving up the Nets pick, but also giving them Thompson and their pick of either Thomas or Crowder. How could they say no to that deal? My plan B for Bradley if the Pistons back out would obviously be to wait for a George Hill buyout.

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