Pistons express interest in Cavs star Irving

Kyrie Irving has requested a trade and the Cavaliers are trying to accommodate him.

The Detroit Pistons are among the teams with a strong interest in Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press.

Per the report: “A person with knowledge of the Pistons’ front office told the Free Press recently that the organization is interested in the four-time NBA All-Star, who nailed the winning shot to clinch the 2016 NBA title for the Cavs.”

Irving reportedly requested a trade last month.

The Cavs have held serious trade talks with no less than seven teams, sources told Amico Hoops, and reportedly have received calls on Irving from more than 20.

Phoenix and Minnesota are said to be the early frontrunners for Irving, but sources cautioned no deals are close and a new team or teams could emerge with more entertaining offers.

The Cavs are seeking a promising young player, a proven veteran and draft picks in return for Irving. As reported on Amico Hoops earlier this week, the Cavs are not concerning themselves with Irving’s supposed “wish list” of teams in their attempts to move him.

Pistons president of basketball operations and head coach Stan Van Gundy has admitted the team has held conversations with the Cavs about Irving, per Pistons.com.

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  1. Always though Detroit would be a dark horse in the Irving sweepstakes with their new Arena opening this year. They could certainly use the star appeal of Irving to help sell tickets and be the face of the franchise.

    Cavs could package Irving, Shumpert and Frye for Drummond, Jackson and a couple of draft picks? The salaries would match up ( per espn trade machine). I think that trade would make the Cavaliers a stronger team next year and give them a potential dominant young center for the future.

  2. I’m getting really fed up with Phoenix at this point. If they aren’t going to include Booker & Jackson, then they have nothing else we need. I say let’s turn our focus to Drummond & either Reggie Jackson or Avery Bradley. That would be a nice return since Drummond is still young and can give us the rim protection we need. My only concern is that we cannot keep TT if we are getting Drummond. Having 2 poor free throw shooters like that is probably not the best thing to do. So we should try to include Thompson in that deal and make it a blockbuster.

    • Haha! Never thought about Drummond and Tristan shooting free throws. I think the Cavs would need to trade Tristan to get Drummond. But I’m not sure the Pistons have the haul, overall, that the Cavs would want in a deal involving both Irving and Thompson. The Suns may be more willing to do deal if you include Thompson as well. Thanks Ben!

  3. Ultimately, I think our best bet to get good value back for Irving is to send him to NY for Porzingis, and if they agree to send us KP, I’m pretty sure Anthony would then wave his no trade clause to be included in that deal. They would most likely demand Love to be included with Kyrie, so that’s where a third team would need to be involved so that we can move Tristan Thompson, Shumpert, Felder to get back some more value such as a Bledsoe to be included with KP & Melo. Bottom line though, Phoenix is not getting Irving if all they want to give up is Bledsoe and garbage. Phoenix wants to give us Bledsoe, then they can have Shumpert or Thompson in return. Let’s go after KP.

  4. Sam, Drummond for me makes zero sense unless Tristan Thompson is going the other way with Kyrie. And you would think any deal with the Pistons would have the Cavs taking Avery Bradley without a doubt. I think Drummond could go to another level playing with LeBron, but he would need to do something about the awful free throw %, he would have to push that up to the 50’s as a minimum. I would entertain a Kyrie/ TT trade for Drummond, Bradley and their 1st round pick in 2018.

  5. If I am sending Irving to Detroit I need Bradley and Drummond and a pick. Now, the cavs may have to include someone else to make money work. But this Cavs the cavs a very,very good defensive guard you can put on Curry, and gives you a much better rim protector and rebounder to control glass against GS. I think this combo gives you a much better chanve to beat GS then even the phoenix deal.

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