Cavs planning move to prep for Wade

Dwyane Wade could join the Cavaliers as soon as a few days.

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio — The Cleveland Cavaliers are feeling confident Dwyane Wade will sign with them after he clears waivers Wednesday, and are already plotting the needed roster move for Wade to join.

ESPN reported that Wade’s deal with the Cavs could be finalized shortly after he clears waivers — and league sources told Amico Hoops he could be in town as early as Thursday.

In order for Wade to sign, however, the Cavs will need to trade or waive someone with a guaranteed contract to create a roster spot. They do have a good idea of which player that will be, sources said.

While the Cavs are expected to try to make a quick, low-level deal, outright waiving someone is considerably more likely, given the timing.

Several league sources told Amico Hoops that Wade has now made it clear he plans to join Cleveland.

Also, quoted an anonymous league source that said Wade “has no intention of going anywhere else,” in reference to the Cavs.

Wade, 35, averaged 18.3 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists in 60 games with the Bulls last season.

“I would love to have D-Wade as a part of this team,” Cavs star LeBron James said on media day. “I’ve talked to him throughout the summer. It’s up to him.”