Warriors GM talks deadline, but not LeBron

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers was willing to discuss the team’s activity with the trade deadline a week away, as long as the conversation didn’t involve any hypotheticals.

With an early-morning ESPN report saying Cleveland Cavalier star LeBron James would be interested in signing with the Warriors in free agency, Myers had plenty to talk about — and not talk about — when meeting with reporters Thursday.

“Before we start, I know you guys have to ask, but I can’t talk about other players from other teams,” Myers said. “I’m not allowed to, I wouldn’t do it anyways. So ask your questions, I understand you’re doing your job too, but just to lay that out there.”

But a reporter sort of mentioned one anyway.

“How about a hypothetical 6-foot-8 power forward?” the reporter asked.

The question drew laughter from surrounding media, and even Myers himself.

“Hypotheticals should be disallowed too,” he said. “I’d be happy to talk about our team. Any questions about the trade deadline that I can answer, I will.”

James is expected to become a free agent in July, and with the way things are going for the slumping Cavs, you have to believe he could potentially take his talents elsewhere for a second time.

As for the actual deadline, the defending champs are reportedly dangling center JaVale McGee and possibly center Zaza Pachulia as well. Interestingly, the Cavs wouldn’t mind getting McGee, supposedly available for cheap. But it’s highly unlikely the Warriors would trade him to the opponent they view as their one true rival.

Either way, Myers confessed he has spoken with about two-thirds of the league, just taking part in a ritual that all general managers perform at this time of year.

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, Feb. 8.

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