Warriors Report: Preseason more of same

Kevin Durant is a two-time NBA champion.

Despite starting the preseason with two losses in two games, there’s no reason for the Golden State Warriors to be concerned, according to a column from Dieter Kurtenbach of the San Jose Mercury News.

“The Warriors — well, at least the Warriors who will play serious minutes this year — played well in this contest, despite what the scoreline said,” Kurtenbach wrote following a blowout loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. “There’s no reason to be concerned about a second loss to start the preseason.”

One thing everyone knows about the Warriors is they are polite enough and fun enough to always keep both national and local reporters in their back pocket — but Kurtenbach made a lot of good points, beginning with Steph Curry.

“Seriously, Curry looked like he was on a different level against the Timberwolves,” Kurtenbach wrote. “He’s fast — so fast — and just as lethal shooting off the dribble or off the catch as ever.”

Same goes for Kevin Durant.

“KD had a few makes against Minnesota that made you shake your head — he was guarded, and no mortal should be able to get up a shot in the circumstances he was in, but not only did KD put up the shot, he made ’em with incredible ease,” Kurtenbach wrote.

Meanwhile, Kurtenbach says free agent signee Omri Casspi was quite a find.

“Omri Caspi is a really, really nice player who looks like he might be the best pickup of the offseason for the Warriors,” Kurtenbach wrote. “I was impressed with how clean and efficient he was against Minnesota, on both sides of the court, and also with his on-court chemistry with Andre Iguodala. I think they’re going to play together a lot this season (with Caspi at the 4) and that bodes well for the Warriors.”

Basically, the Warriors are as good as ever, and that is something the rest of the league will just have to accept.

But based on some of this offseason’s moves (Jimmy Butler to Minnesota, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George to Oklahoma City, Chris Paul to Houston, even Rudy Gay to San Antonio), hey, at least the rest of the West plans to make them work a little harder.