Paul: It was time to move on from Clippers

Chris Paul said it was time for him and the Clippers to part ways.

Chris Paul made a splash in the early days of free agency when he and the Los Angeles Clippers worked out a sign-and-trade that sent the All-Star point guard to the Houston Rockets.

Paul will team up with MVP runner-up James Harden to form a dynamic backcourt, one that the Rockets hope will lead them to a championship.

The Clippers established themselves as a great regular season team that faltered year after year in the postseason in the Lob City era. In Paul’s six seasons as a Clipper, the team never advanced past the second-round of the playoffs and pulled off some epic choke jobs.

Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan had well-documented chemistry issues, which played a huge part in the Clippers’ playoff struggles. Everyone on the outside knew it was time for Paul to leave town and the Clippers to build around Griffin.

In an exclusive interview with The Undefeated, Paul acknowledged that it was indeed time for a change and that both he and the Clippers knew it.

Per The Undefeated:

“I feel like the last six years we’ve had a great run. I felt like it was not only a good time for change for me, but for the team, too. Everyone says, ‘We get killed. We can’t get there. We just can’t get over the hurdle.’ I felt like it was time for change. We met. We talked. We both agreed it was time for a change.”

Paul was also asked about the Rockets’ involvement in the Carmelo Anthony trade sweepstakes. He answered by saying, “Man, sit back and wait.”