Wall aiming to land George with Wizards

John Wall of the Wizards has returned to practice after having knee surgery in late January.

John Wall is hard at work trying to recruit Indiana Pacers star Paul George to the Washington Wizards.

Per The Undefeated:

“I am talking to some guys — Paul. I know his ultimate goal of where he wants to be. I’m trying to see if we can make something happen,” Wall told The Undefeated before the NBA awards on Monday night.

George’s agent told the Pacers that George intends to opt out of his contract at the end of the season to join the Los Angeles Lakers in free agency.

Actually, it’s not just the Pacers. Apparently, George’s representatives are making his quest for the Lakers known to every team that attempts to trade for him — the Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics included.

None of that seems to bother Wall.

“Look at our team. We are one piece away,” Wall told The Undefeated. “We have the point guard, we have the shooting guard, we have the center, we have the power forward. Our 3-man, [Otto Porter Jr.], did great for us. You can’t take nothing away from what he did. But, [George] is a guy that can guard LeBron James and go back at LeBron. It’s a piece that you’re going to need to win. If you don’t have a guy who can do that, you don’t have a chance.”

Could George actually end up with the Wizards?

Based on early reports, the answer is yes. But it doesn’t appear if the decision will be up to Wall, or George, or the Wizards.

Right now, the Pacers are totally in control of George’s next destination. Only after next season will be up to George.