Wall: Wizards’ roster needs some changes

John Wall and the Wizards never seemed to be able to get in sync.

Are the Washington Wizards complete? Well, not if you ask star point guard John Wall.

Wall spoke about the team’s future following a Game 6 loss to the Toronto Raptors over the weekend — a loss that bounced the Wizards from the first round of the playoffs.

“There’s a lot that we can use,” Wall said, via The Washington Post. “I really don’t have to say certain positions. There are certain things that people who have been around the team understand what we could use to help our team.”

The Wizards finished a disappointing 43-39, a game back of the Milwaukee Bucks. That was only good enough for the Eastern Conference’s eighth seed.

Wall was hurt for a large portion of the season, missing 41 games with a left knee injury. But the Wizards were never able to entirely come together — before, after or during Wall’s absence.

“It’s not throwing shade to anybody that is on our team, because everyone on our roster gave everything they have to make it work and fit with the team,” Wall said. “At the same time, when it’s not working and then you try and you try and you try and it keeps failing over and over, then you have to make certain adjustments and certain changes.”