Suns rookie Jackson talks trade rumors

Suns rookie Josh Jackson has reportedly been on the Cavaliers' radar.

Phoenix Suns rookie Josh Jackson has been the center of trade rumors before playing his first NBA game, but he clearly isn’t letting them get him down.

“I think if that was going to happen, it would’ve happened by now,” Jackson said in an interview with SiriusXM NBA radio.

Jackson is a 6-foot-8 small forward out of Kansas and was drafted by the Suns with the No. 4 overall pick. The rumors in question are centered around Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving, who has requested a trade.

“A little talking to my agent, not really checking social media, because that’s not the way to go. People just say whatever,” Jackson told NBA radio. “I handled it the same way I tried to handle draft night. Coming in, I didn’t know what was going to happen, I still don’t know what is going to happen.”

The Suns and Cavs have undoubtedly talked, and Jackson has undoubtedly been mentioned. Several executives interviewed by Amico Hoops said they believe the Suns are the frontrunners when it comes to potential Irving destinations.

The sides are likely to continue talking until the Cavs either strike a deal (with Phoenix or elsewhere) or decide to keep Irving.

“I was kind of in the dark a little bit,” Jackson said of the Suns’ talks with the Cavs. “But I got a feeling that the trade wasn’t going to happen.”

Either way, he reportedly is off the table — at least for now. But he is also well aware that as long as trade talks are alive, he is promising enough for the Cavs to seek him in return. Again, the Suns aren’t budging. Still, when it comes to talents such as Irving and promising prospects such as Jackson, anything can still happen.

“I’m going to make the most of whatever situation I’m presented with,” Jackson told NBA radio. “If I’m traded to China, whatever, I’m gonna come out, I’m gonna be happy and just try to make the best of it.”

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  1. I’d take him in an NBA second.

  2. Again, JJ is going nowhere no matter how badly CLE fan wants it to happen. If the Suns don’t get Kyrie it’s ok. If the Cavs go to camp with an unhappy KI and passed on Bledsoe, Warren, and MIA #1, y’all are crazy.

    • I mean to be honest these comments are really easy to say as a suns fan, doesn’t make them anymore true. What point do the cavs have to make that particular deal? That trade makes them significantly worse as a team. People are downplaying not only how kyrie is a true #1 option offensively, in this league filled with #2 and #3 options, but also how important his particular form of elite offense is for the cavs. Bledsoe’s 20ppg are in no way shape or form comparable to kyrie’s 25, not just in number, but in how they are attained. Bledsoe’s ppg would easily drop when he is no longer a #1 option playing on an awful team. Not only that, but the cavs expect kyrie to get them the points that count, 4th qt, when lebron is out, and in clutch situations, things bledsoe isn’t comparable at doing. Having a deal centered around Eric “Three Knee surgeries” Bledsoe would only force lebron to take an even greater offensive role than he already does, which would make him go from dead tired at the end of games too crawling up the floor. As for warren, he is a player that even suns fans say is a bad fit for their team, people keep trying to say that he’ll just become some unbelievable role player next to lebron, but that isn’t even close to certain. The miami first is protected, so it can only be so good, but most likely will end up between 15-18. As a suns fan I can understand how you don’t mind either way if you get kyrie, but obviously you would trade him for two players the team doesn’t even want in the first place, that won’t be on their next playoff capable team. That deal is a deal the suns and their fans would do in a heartbeat, so obviously it is very one sided. The cavs would be the crazy ones to take that offer. The one thing that makes me laugh is how every national media member with no ties to either team, front office source, and people with ties to either team keep pointing out that none of these offers are the best the cavs will get. How this process is going to last at least another month minimum and we’re in the early stages, yet every suns fan on the planet keeps telling cavs fans that they should just accept that bledsoe and spare parts is it, and a great deal (lol). The fact that you guys have been so willing to part with that trade package since the first day the information came available should be more than enough to tell you how you are the one being biased in this scenario. I personally don’t care if the cavs get jackson, but at this point with all the laughing the suns fans have done, I hope this plays out like every other situation similar to this one did, with the front office pretending like player A is completely off the table, the fans of that team telling the other team to just drop it cause it’s never going to happen, then finding out they were just going through the negotiating motion, and getting the deal done. Either way the cavs are not crazy for turning down that awful deal, and we all know stubborn Dan Gilbert isn’t accepting an offer like that in the first place, which in this situation and only this one, I am very happy about.

      • Yes, CLE is not getting full value in my scenario, that ship has sailed. That’s the way it’s gonna be or KI will just stay in Cleveland. It’s gonna get ugly…

        • No that’s not the way it’s gonna be. Ship is far from sailing. I don’t care what Sun’s fans want or say it’s not happening. Dan Gilbert is going to win this trade or keep him & go to 4th str8 finals.. win or lose at least it will be a fun ride. DO NOT DEAL W THE SUN’S.. unless you get the farm meaning Jackson, Chriss & unprotected pick w Bledsoe. Otherwise forget it Phoenix. No thanks on Bender & Warren. Boston deal of Thomas, Brown and unprotected nets pick very interesting. I’d do that one or Denver w Harris & if you can get Murray somehow would blow Sun’s offer away & that’s what it should take to get Kyrie. Don’t settle for pennies on the dollar.

    • Call me crazy but No thanks.. that’s not enough. Forget kyrie Sun’s cavs not taking that.

  3. The Suns have been accumulating a bunch of stiffs and would love to unload them in an Irving deal. Warren and Bender are insults. Let them continue to enjoy their 30 win seasons. Please make a deal with someone else.

  4. I totally agree. Continue to lose suns fan or sack up make a trade where you get elite talent for potential elite talent(irving and Jackson) and build some excitement with a player who will sell jerseys and fill your arena(irving)or continue to do what you do and hope!

  5. larry maynard | August 13, 2017 at 7:30 pm |

    Suns must have a Marquee player to jumpstart that franchise saying that I don’t trade Kyrie unless Booker is involved. I think the Cavs will get Bledsoe and Tyson Chandler for Tristian Thompson and other pieces(Frye and Fielder). Why ….. They don’t need Chandler and Bledsoe isn’t their future and three knee surgeries. they were trying to give both away last year. Trade Kyrie to Denver or Utah.

    • Booker. LOLOL

      • Kyrie is waaaay better than Booker.. only reason his name comes up because he’s best YOU have. If Ky didn’t ask for trade Cavs would never trade him for Booker. Kyrie one of the best.. Booker is no comparison. So you keep laughing suns fan & you keep losing.. keep following the “timeline” LOL.. never going to win in this league w/o superstars & you Sun’s have NONE.

  6. Let’s explore a trade to the Kings. How about something involving Fox & Hield or Cauley Stein? Include Cedi or Shump. Forget the Sun’s & their low ball offers.

  7. It’s funny you reaf these proposed deals of ie. Bledsoe,Warren,#1 or Bledsoe,Bender,and #1. Trust me that kind of crap deal was already offered I am sure by the Suns since they have talked, and the fact that there is no deal done tells you all you need to know Suns Fans. Its not even close to enough.

    • Thank goodness, I’d be pissed if the Suns traded real future talent for a 2 yr rental.

      • Outside of Booker and now maybe Jackson the Suns don’t have any real future talent. I wouldn’t take Bender if they were giving him for free. Seriously what part of 24-58 don’t you understand.

  8. I still think Phoenix can outbid any other team’s offers by simply giving up Josh Jackson and throwing in Tyson Chandler. My #1 package is still Josh Jackson/Bledsoe/Chandler… that takes care of all our needs… We need a defensive center, a defensive PG and a defensive, young/athletic/talented wing. No other team can really offer that when you think about it. Detroit is the only team other than Phoenix who can even come close, and that’s only if they offer a package of Drummond/Bradley/Johnson. The ball is in the Suns’ court. A trade of Kyrie/Shump + any of 1or 2 of these fillers(Frye/Felder/Osman/Jefferson?) in exchange for Jackson/Bledsoe/Chandler gets it done tomorrow.

  9. larry maynard | August 14, 2017 at 4:28 pm |

    Suns want to dump Chandler. Let them keep all of their golden boys and build for the future.
    Trade Tristian Thompson, Channing Frye, and Shumpert or Thompson, Frye, Fielder, and Tavares for
    Bledsoe (3 knee surgeries) and Chandler(34 years old)
    They dump Chandler and Bledsoe for a younger Center.

    Trade Kyrie and Shumpert to Denver for Harris or Murray, Wilson Chandler, Plumlee(needs signed), Barton or Faried and possibly a number 1. Denver only giving up 1 key piece. Most likely Faried since they have Milsap.

  10. Saw this on another site:

    timberwolves get: Kyrie

    Suns get: Cedi, Frye(to make the math work),Tyus Jones, Patton (15th pick from this draft)**suns core group of players is early 20yrs old…bledsoe is not in their future

    Cavs get: wiggins , Bledsoe, Aldrich(makes the math work)

  11. The one deal that intrigues me is the Detroit deal. Now it would take more than Kyrie to make the salaries work, but Drummond,Bradley and Johnson or Harris. Is the type of deal the Cavs might be looking at. You are not going to outshoot GS but you what you can do is put Bradley on Curry and make his life a hell of lot harder, and Drummond will control the paint and limit those offensive rebounds. This deal makes sense for the cavs in a lot of ways.

    • I think, yes, the Cavs and Pistons will talk again, simply because the possibilities are endless. The Pistons have the type of talent that checks all the boxes for the Cavs, and the Pistons want to draw a crowd in their new building. Kyrie Irving would immediately sell some tickets. That said, I don’t think these teams have been serious, but everyone around the league is saying they could get there — if some of the Cavs’ other conversations (see, Phoenix) fall through.

      • I don’t like the pistons players. Drummond & Jackson are bums.. only player I like is Bradley but that’s not close to enough. Dont see a deal here Sam unless Dan Gilbert wants to hook Detroit up but I can’t see that.

  12. Seen this before but I don’t think sign n trade ( Plumlee) is option due to hard cap. I also think Cedi is valued more by Cavs than just salary matching. I wouldn’t mind Bender. Check his scouting reports and he seems to be the prototype for modern nba big man. I wouldn’t write him off after one season. I can’t see Warren as an option due to lack of production, plays SF, and will be restricted FA. Would rather play Cedi. Btw, Kyrie only being signed for 2 years is prolly all u will get anymore– maybe no star will ever be traded with 3 years with the current CBA. Kyrie’s talent and contract are as good as any possible trade will be. I would do Bledsoe, Bender, Chriss and a first. Yep-premium talent equals premium return. As with all these trades, it isn’t so simple as Cavs also want to cut payroll. So Kyrie and Shumpert has to have a higher priced Sun coming back and qty of players close to same because if Cavs cut a guaranteed contract it costs x 4. Not the most important factor to Cavs but is in their thinking. I would try to get a package from Orlando built around Augustine and Jonathan Isaac. I think he has a little more potential than Jackson. Orlando needs a star and has some assets.

    • Wouldn’t touch Bender.. Dont like anything Orlando has. Would try to get that pick from Boston but seems like nets have improved & that pick may not be as high? IT, Brown & the pick tho hard to pass if Ainge is willing to let it go I’d do it.

  13. The Cavs definitely want a pick,but I do not think the Boston trade makes the cavs a better team. IT and Brown for Kyrie does not make you better or gives you a better chance to beat GS. When looking at these packages, the cavs are looking at trades that net them a pick and players that help them beat GS and I do not think the Boston deal does that.

  14. I want the Cavs to make this possible deal with Boston. Not sure why talks between the two teams haven’t begun in depth yet. If the Cavs are serious about replenishing the cupboard, Boston makes the most sense. We can get young players for post-Lebron, and possibly vets now (Thomas and/or Crowder) to help Lebron’s final year. I don’t know what the final trade would look like, but if I could get Thomas and Tatum for Kyrie… I’d be very intrigued.

  15. As Woj put it, if Lebron won’t commit to the Cavs, they’re not operating on getting better this year or beating Golden State. They’re looking at life after Lebron.

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