Cavs offer Smith in proposal to Kings

Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith didn't want to elaborate on his soup-throwing incident.

With the trade deadline right around the corner, the Cleveland Cavaliers have stepped up their attempts to trade shooting guard J.R. Smith, offering him as part of a package to the Sacramento Kings.

The Smith-to-Kings news comes from Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports, who wrote that the Kings are not yet interested in a proposal centered on Smith and backcourt-mate Iman Shumpert.

As first mentioned by Amico Hoops, the Cavs have been working on a trade for Kings guard George Hill for several weeks. The initial offer involved Shumpert, Cavs forward Channing Frye and potentially Derrick Rose, but along with trading Hill, the Kings would need to clear a roster spot to take back multiple players.

A deal sending Hill to the Cavs was reportedly “on the one-yard line” two weeks ago, but the sides have failed to reach an agreement on the exact parameters. The Kings have even tried to find a third team, including the Dallas Mavericks, to help finalize the deal.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and general manager Koby Altman have been working mostly side-by-side in trying to make a trade, though Gilbert is believed to be the point man and has been conducting some of the trade talks on his own.

Along with trying to move Smith and Shumpert before Thursday’s 3 p.m. EST deadline, the Cavs have explored several deals involving center Tristan Thompson. They now prefer to hang on to Frye, a positive voice in an otherwise chaotic locker room.

Smith and Thompson have also been linked to the Los Angeles Clippers as part of a reported trade proposal for center DeAndre Jordan.

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  1. Smith and Korver for Hill,… and then in a separate deal with Charlotte trade Thomas, Thompson, Crowder, Shumpert & the Nets pick for Walker, MKG & Howard

    starters: Howard, Love, LBJ, MKG, Walker
    bench: Frye, Green, Osman, Wade, Hill

    • The only way I would give up that Brooklyn pick to the Clippers is if we were getting Jordan & Bradley, but according to the trade machine, Bradley cannot be combined with another player in a deal, so it would have to be a separate trade. All I know is that if we are giving up the Nets pick, then we need to make sure Bradley is part of the agreement, even if in a separate deal.

  2. You guys need to realize 1 thing there is not 1 deal good enough that the Cavs would trade that Nets pick plus there is absolutely no way the Cavs win a championship this year. Why would you even want the Cavs to reach the Finals this year their defense will still be bad no matter what. Best case scenario is that get embarrassed in the Finals and LeBron bolts in the summer. Cavs need to try and start a rebuild today bc there is abouit a 99% chance that LeBron will leave this summer. I know that he said that he won’t wave his no trade clause but they should at least try and call his bluff so they can get something back for him. Because in about 5 months this team will be among the worst in the league. We have to be realistic and try and build for the future at least we won 1 championship.

    • I generally agree the Cavs aren’t going to win a ship this season. However, I do remember when Kobe, Shaq and Karl Malone made a run. Once Malone was added, just about every talking head said, “You might as well just give the trophy to the Lakers b/c no one is going to beat them”. Right before they lost to the Pistons. History can show lots of things. The first year back, I’m a firm believer the Cavs would’ve won had they had KLove and Kyrie playing for them. Cavs now would have fans and talking heads thinking a completely different narrative. I’m for blowing the team up, but I gotta say if Gilbert wants to give it one last try, it’s his team to make that kind of decision. At the end of the line, they’d still have plenty of pieces to deal for picks and young players.

  3. Agree – start the rebuild and sit Lebron – get a 2nd lottery pick. Players like Garret Temple will be cheap and work with the young players in their development. Feel bad for Cedi/Zizic having this be their first NBA experience.

  4. Thompson and smith have fairly low nba player value but have expensive contracts that last several years. For these reasons both players have negative value and are only useable in trades if integrated with valuable draft picks. The players on the cavaliers, besides love, that have some trade value because of their contracts and other reasons are:crowder,thomas,frye,green,shumpert. Thomas,frye, and green have expiring contracts shumpert has just one player option year and osman is a young player signed to a contract with a few years remaining. The cavaliers should trade thomas and a number one choice to the clippers for avery bradley.

  5. No one wants the Cavs junk. Blow it up!

  6. No deals. Gilbert doesn’t care. Nothing happens.

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