Hornets’ Walker still available, with strings attached

Kemba Walker of the Hornets remains available, but with conditions, according to a report.

With Kemba Walker reportedly available, though for a steep price, the Charlotte Hornets are looking to be sellers as the NBA’s trade deadline looms.

“We’re not shopping Kemba, but it’s our job to listen,” Hornets general manager Rich Cho said. “It would take something really great to move him. We love Kemba. He’s a great player, All-Star caliber.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if we did do something, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we didn’t do something.”

According to Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports, team owner Michael Jordan and his front office are receiving plenty of inquiries about the availability of Walker. The Cleveland Cavaliers are reported to be one of the many teams to have asked about Walker.

“The Hornets continue to field calls on Kemba Walker, but no Walker deal gets done unless a team absorbs one of the handful of bad contracts on Charlotte’s roster, sources said,” Mannix reported. “Another variable at play: The future of GM Rich Cho. Cho is in the final year of his contract and there have been rumblings that former Los Angeles Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak is a favorite among high-ranking team officials to take over next summer.

“If Hornets owner Michael Jordan is resolved to replace Cho, he may not sign off on dealing Charlotte’s most appealing asset.”

Former Cavs and Atlanta Hawks GM Danny Ferry’s name has also been linked to the Hornets.

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday at 3 p.m.

3 Comments on "Hornets’ Walker still available, with strings attached"

  1. offer Boston pkg.(thomas,crowder,zizic,and both picks) add shump for salaries,for walker&howard. Howard not my #1 choice,but should help with boards till love returns. basically,you get walker&howard for krymie and shump. hornets get expiring contracts,reasonable contracts,and 2 draft picks. as gilbert likes to here, whats not to like.

  2. Offer them the all-star MJ wants (Thomas) plus Thompson, and take on Howard’s contract. Sounds like tking on Howard’s salary alone would get it done, no draft picks involved.

  3. I like it BEN. A trade that’s Keeping the pick.
    Yep, they won the overtime game tonight, but that’s just one game. How will the effort go on the next one.
    Lebron carried them again at the end-no mistaking that. But they could’ve won it in regulation, BUT LUE-SER coach ?? I really can’t believe in the timeout called, THAT which we saw was the “PLAY” Lue drew up ?? You guys just stand around & watch Lebron dribble out the clock and throw up a “toe on the line” three brick ??
    Some thought it was great coaching letting IT & CEDI switch out at the end. It wouldn’t have come to that if they had just let Cedi play. Wolves came back when IT was on the floor. AND THOMPSON ALWAYS TRYING TO SWITCH DOES NOT WORK–LEAVING KARL A. TOWNS WIDE OPEN FOR THE THREE– DUH? Switch was not needed, again coaching… He does this ALL THE TIME.
    BUT OVERALL WAS A GREAT OFFENSIVE GAME . CAVS WERE FORTUNATE TO WIN THOUGH. LEBRON CARRIED IN THE OVERTIME IN A GREAT WAY WITH THAT BLOCK & THE SHOTS HE MADE. SO CONGRATS ARE IN ORDER TO THE PLAYERS. They just need a coach that designs plays & motivates actions that actually provide good offensive ball movement & good defense.
    Guess a win is a win.

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