Report: Durant secretly met with Knicks in January

Kevin Durant of the Warriors reportedly had a secret meeting with the Knicks earlier this season.

Kevin Durant had a clandestine meeting with some members of the New York Knicks braintrust when the Golden State Warriors took on the Knicks in January, according to Brandon Robinson of Basketball Society and

Robinson, the first to report the groin injury of LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers was much worse than what was being reported, writes a source told him of the meeting.

“Learned from an east coast entertainment and media connection that the Knicks were straight-up communicating with KD earlier this season,” a league source told Robinson by text message.

“As in meeting up with KD…It could’ve been when the Warriors were on an East Coast trip, or maybe when the Knicks visited the Bay Area.”

Robinson’s source accused the Knicks of flat out tampering with Durant.

“But whenever, wherever it took place, it was straight-up tampering — worse than when the Lakers tampered with PG13 [Paul George],” Robinson reported. “At least with PG and the Lakers, it was mainly communicated through text, email and phone. But the Knicks were straight-up meeting with KD. They actually should be investigated if the league knew about this.”

Durant is set to enter free agency in July and has widely been rumored to have an interest in the Knicks.

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