The diss between Kevin Durant and Steph Curry over Nike’s Under Armour

On many occasions, sports men make most of their revenue from the money that accrues from endorsement deals they do with the biggest brands in clothing and other items.  In some occasions too, this has turned out unfavorable to either the players or the companies or brands.

Now, the motivating factor for these endorsements is the money that is paid to the players, and not because they are in love with the brand or because they see the brand as the best around. There are even endorsement deals that see some of the players champion products and materials they do not believe in, and will never wear if not for the money coming through it.

It was recently that Kevin Durant came out to condemn the deal that Steph Curry his Golden State Warriors teammate and a fellow ex-MVP have with Nike. The deal is to champion and endorse Nike’s Under Armour basketball sneakers, and he is said to earn $12 million per season from the deal.

However, his teammate thinks it is not a good deal. He described it as whack, and a major one at that.  This was revealed in Bill Simmons Podcast where he told them that no NBA player desires to play in the Under Armour. This is one statement nobody in the would have believed. This is because players always come out to support their own in this type of matter.

However, Curry has come out to say that Kevin was very wrong, and that he has spoken to him about it. He said he had told him that since he has been in business with Nike as their ambassador for some time, he is actually free to air his views about their products. For him, Durant is entitled to his opinion when it is about the meaning of what Nike stands for in shoe making, amongst university students and in the grassroots.

But when it is about his deal with Nike, what they intend to achieve with the Under Armour, what he stands as a player and person, and what the Under Armour initiative does to basketball, he shouldn’t have talked.

For him a look at their position in about 4 years ago and their position now reveals that Durant’s saying that people do not want to wear the Under Armour Nike shoe is very wrong.

Moving further, he posited that there is still no love lost between him and Kevin because of the statement. For him, peoples insinuations that the statement will affect their team and their success is not right.  He tagged the uproar it is generating as an opportunity by people to make the entire scene look very controversial. He eventually posted that their locker room relationship will not be affected by the issue.

The deal curry had with Nike is rumored to be about $12 million according to Forbes, and this means a total of $108 million by 2024, plus his stocks in the company. However, Kevin is already in a deal with the brand since 2014 and the deal is believed to be in the region of $300 million for 10 years.

Truthfully, Kevin Durant did a very wrong thing by making such statements. In fact, it is actually the type that makes brands to withdraw their deals with players. Of course, Kevin and curry will have to wait to hear from Nike about the whole saga, and in all honesty, Kevin should be the one getting the sanctions.