Weekly Mailbag: More Kyrie trade questions

Former Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving is the biggest piece in the Celtics' makeover.

Here are your questions, and my answers, from the Amico Hoops e-mail bag. Send your NBA-related questions to me at the Amico Hoops contact form or to samamico@gmail.com.

How about this trade: The Cavaliers deal Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson to the Pistons for Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson and Stanley Johnson? – Zahir Madyun

Dear Zahir, the Cavs and Pistons have held some talks, and I have heard they did involve Jackson, but those didn’t get very far. I actually like your idea, but I doubt the Pistons are willing to part with Drummond or  Johnson just yet. But you never know. Word is, if the Cavs can’t get something done with the Suns, the Pistons will be among the teams they turn to next.

I was just listening to your podcast on the three prominent possible destinations for Kyrie and a thought occurred to me that I haven’t seen much written about. In the event of a Kyrie trade, no matter who they get back for him, its almost certain that Kevin Love is going to become the No. 2 option. I’ll be really interested to see how Love’s game/numbers/comfort level changes when he’s a more prominent peg in the offense. Any thoughts? – Steve Perry

Dear Steve, funny you mention that — as some within the organization have discussed that very topic, wondering if Kyrie’s absence may mean more shots and general involvement for Love offensively (especially in the fourth quarter). A lot of it depends on who the Cavs might get in return for Irving. But there is a general feeling that if Kyrie is indeed traded, the Cavs won’t be as star-studded, but they should be deeper and more well-rounded. That could mean the All-Stars (LeBron James and especially Love) will get the opportunity to shine even brighter.

Do you think the Irving situation is different from Kobe Bryant’s back in 2007? – Deven Parikh

Dear Deven, yes, much different. Kobe was upset because he felt Lakers management had not surrounded him with enough talent, and wasn’t all in on winning titles. (Interestingly, the Lakers explored trading him to Cleveland for, you guessed it, LeBron.) This clearly isn’t about championships for Irving. He just wants to get way from James and run his own team. In that sense, this is sort of like the Kobe-Shaquille O’Neal rift.

Fact or fiction: Carmelo Anthony and Irving will have new homes by training camp? – Deven Parikh

Dear Deven, I’d say fact on Kyrie, and potentially fact on Anthony, though considerably less so. Most around the league believe Carmelo won’t get traded before Knicks camp if his “wish list” only consists of the Rockets (and maybe Cavs). Perhaps he will consider the Trail Blazers, Thunder or Pelicans. All are interested. That’s not to say a deal to the Rockets is off the table, but clearly, the teams haven’t worked out anything yet. So if it happens, it’s gonna take some time. Also, the Knicks aren’t exactly talking to anyone at the moment. Meanwhile, the Cavs are taking calls from everyone on Kyrie. Finally, you can place your own vote on this very question right here.

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