Drew learned he’d coach Cavs via late-night text

Larry Drew and the Cavaliers raced past the Bucks in Drew's first full game as coach.

For now, Larry Drew is the man running the Cavaliers from the sidelines.

And how did Drew find out? The way most of us find out anything in today’s world — via text.

It came from coach Tyronn Lue, and at 1:30 in the morning. Lue’s message to Drew?

“It’s your show,” Drew told reporters prior to Monday’s 124-117 home win over the Milwaukee Bucks.

Drew’s official title with the Cavs is associate head coach. He has already had to fill in for Lue when Lue remained in the locker room for the second half of a couple games.

Now, Drew is filling for Lue for as long as Lue feels is necessary. Lue stepped away from the team Monday to deal with health issues. There is no official timetable for his return.

But this isn’t new to Drew. He has been a head coach himself — three seasons with the Hawks and one with the Bucks. If you remember, it was Drew who was unceremoniously (and many say undeservedly) dumped to make room for Jason Kidd in Milwaukee. Kidd, of course, has since been canned.

And for the time being, Drew is a head coach. Still, Drew is coaching with Lue in mind, and that’s no surprise.

“He wants me to go out there and just kind of do what I do,” Drew said. “We will still do the things that he’s implemented, that part of it I won’t change. We will tweak some things, add some things, but for the most part we will do what we have been doing.

“I don’t want to confuse the guys. I don’t want to do that. I just want our guys to play hard, play with some energy and play with some intensity now that we’re getting some bodies back.”

Already, Drew is sounding a lot like Lue.