Change ahead for Clippers, but how much?

All-Star guard Chris Paul was traded from the Clippers to the Rockets.

The Los Angeles Clippers are approaching a period of free agency and change could be on thew way.

It way not be on the way, too … but when it comes to today’s Clippers, you can’t be too sure.

The Washington Post took a closer look at the goings-on in LA:

“After six years with the Clippers, Chris Paul has a choice: Stick with the team or go elsewhere in free agency,” the Washington Post wrote. “It seems unlikely Paul will leave — after all, he engineered a change in the new collective bargaining agreement to allow him to get a five-year maximum contract — but it remains in play.”

Also according to the Post: “Blake Griffin is the best player in franchise history, but he’s often been labeled as injury prone and blamed for the Clippers’ lack of postseason success. … If the team decides to move on, then Griffin will be eyed by teams such as Boston and Miami, among others. He’s expected to remain in Los Angeles, but he’s more likely to end up elsewhere than Paul.”

The article also touched on the approaching free agency of shooting guard J.J. Redick and the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors.

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