Clippers trade Griffin to Pistons in blockbuster

Clippers forward Blake Griffin may be on his way out of LA.

The Los Angeles Clippers and Detroit Pistons have agreed a trade that sends star forward Blake Griffin to the Pistons, the team announced early Tuesday.

“We are serious about winning, and this is a major move to improve our team,” Pistons owner Tom Gores said in a prepared statement. “Blake Griffin is one of the NBA’s elite players, and when you get an opportunity to add that kind of talent, you take it.”

The Clippers will receive forward Tobias Harris, guard Avery Bradley and center Boban Marjanovic, as well as a first- and second-round draft pick, from the Pistons.

The Clippers are including forwards Brice Johnson and Willie Reed in the deal.

Griffin, 28, signed a five-year, maximum-level contract with the Clippers this offseason.  He is averaging 22.6 points and 7.9 rebounds in 33 games.

Both the Clippers and Pistons have been aggressive in trade talks leading into the Feb. 8 deadline, with Clippers such as Griffin, center DeAndre Jordan and guard Lou Williams surfacing on the rumor mill in recent weeks.

Harris, 25, is averaging 18.1 and 5.1 rebounds in one of his best seasons. Bradley, 27, is among the NBA’s top two-way backcourt players, averaging 15 points and offering strong defense — two traits he brought over from the Boston Celtics. Bradley was dealt to Detroit in the offseason, creating room for free-agent signthe Celtics to sign Gordon Hayward.

The Pistons had been actively shopping guard Bradley, according to a Monday report from ESPN.

According to the Detroit Free Press, only center Andre Drummond has been considered the an “untouchable” on the Pistons’ roster.

The Pistons will now pair Griffin and Drummond at the frontcourt power positions.

8 Comments on "Clippers trade Griffin to Pistons in blockbuster"

  1. Well that came out of nowhere. The question for us is, can Bradley be traded again? The 2 players the Cavs need are now property of the Clippers. If it’s even possible, we should be offering Thompson & Thomas for Jordan & Bradley.

    • The answer is no. Bradley can’t be traded again.

      • Are you sure? I honestly don’t know the rule. Luke Ridnour was traded FOUR TIMES IN A WEEK in 2015. So as far as I know … it’s a mystery!

      • He is able to be traded again. He just can’t be traded in combination with another player for 60 days. So, if the cavs wanted Bradley, they couldn’t do it in a deal for say, DeAndre Jordan. It would have to only be Bradley coming back from the Clippers end of things.

  2. Weird. Clippers signed Blake to a max contract this past summer only to trade him. Sounds like they are going to blow up the Clippers. One thing is certain: Kendall Jenner will have to start shopping for a new boyfriend.

    • Haha! My wife said the same thing! Well, except for the part about the max contract. I found that part odd, too. – Sam

    • Yep, Kendall doesn’t strike me as a chillin in Detroit kind of girl.

  3. If Bradley’s not available, that really sucks. Even the Lakers made an offer for Bradley. Why didn’t we? If Shumpert and a 2nd rounder wasn’t enough, we could’ve offered Thomas & Rose or Thomas & Crowder. We needed Bradley even more than we need Jordan. Is Altman sitting on his hands?

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