Clippers aim to get to the point in camp

Patrick Beverley will certainly be a candidate for the Clippers' starting point guard job.

So who’s the starting point guard, anyway?

That’s the question for the Los Angeles Clippers, who traded All-Star veteran Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets back in June. 

Patrick Beverley was one of the players the Clippers received in return and plays the position. So he’s certainly a candidate.

But he’s not a clear favorite. After all, the Clippers also still have Austin Rivers, who just happens to be coach Doc Rivers’ son.

That’s not all. The Clippers also picked up Serbian standout Milos Teodosic this offseason.

Oh, and let’s not forget rookie Juwan Evans, a rookie sleeper who impressed scouts with his speed and skill last season at Oklohama State. Granted, Evans isn’t ready for a starting role in the NBA, but it will be interesting to see how quickly he develops into a regular contributor.

Now, none of these guys are Paul. Few point guards are. But with the likes of Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and several other notables in the rotations, perhaps the Clips can have some success instituting a point-guard-by-committee scheme.

There’s also the possibility any combination of the above can play together in these days of small and smaller ball. After all, with J.J. Redick leaving for Philadelphia in free agency, the Clippers also need a starting shooting guard.

Perhaps we will see Beverly and Teodosic on the floor at the same time. Or maybe Beverly and Rivers, or Teodosic and Rivers.

Either way, the Clippers will need some strong play at the spot to keep pace in the rugged West — and are sure to have an important training camp battle to get things figured out.

Who should start for the Clippers at point guard?

Patrick Beverly
Milos Teodosic
Austin Rivers
Juwan Evans
Trade for another