Agent says Magic could have ‘done something dumb’

Lakers President Magic Johnson needs to put his foot down -- hard -- on LaVar Ball, according to Reggie Miller.

As the NBA continues its investigation into whether Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson tampered with Paul George this summer, agents and executives around the league are still baffled as to how Johnson may have got caught with something that happens more than the average fan thinks.

Tampering is virtually impossible to prove unless there’s some sort of paper trail attached with it. Johnson may have slipped up on that end and it could cost him and the Lakers big time if proven guilty.

According to an anonymous agent who spoke with The Ringer, Magic “could easily have done something dumb and got caught for it.”

More via The Ringer:

“{Rob} Pelinka for sure knows how to tamper without getting caught. Pelinka will do whatever it takes to get players. Magic could easily have done something dumb and got caught for it, though.

“If there’s a paper trail, then it’ll be a thing. No paper trail, no problem.”

Unless there’s a text or email from Magic to George that the NBA finds, it’s doubtful this inquiry by the Indiana Pacers goes anywhere.

It honestly just sounds like the Pacers are still delirious over the fact they got such a poor return for George from the Thunder and trying to make it look like they are a victim somehow.