Reggie Miller lets it fly on LaVar Ball

Reggie Miller says Lakers legend Magic Johnson must take control of the LaVar Ball ordeal.

Reggie Miller has never seen a camera or a microphone he didn’t like.

Same goes for LaVar Ball.

The big difference being, of course, Miller, the former Indiana Pacers great, has actually accomplished something.

Miller joined the Dan Patrick Shown on Tuesday and while not wanting to give Ball any more exposure than he’s already received, he admitted it’s almost required when talk comes to basketball.

“I don’t like giving him a platform,” Miller said to Patrick “But he’s made it impossible not to do so.”

True to his nature, Miller did not hold back on his opinions, and with Ball, the outrageously outspoken father of Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball, taking his two younger sons — LiAngelo Ball (late of UCLA) and LaMelo Ball (Chino Hill High School) — to Lithuania to play professionally, Miller let it fly, just as he did during his playing days.

“I hope he’s enjoying his European vacation, and his sons are enjoying playing over in Lithuania, because those two, in my opinion, have no shot at playing in the NBA,” Miller said. “And if he continues to open his mouth, all three of those boys are going to be playing overseas.

“No coach, general manager or owner are going to want to put up with the dad. I’ve always said that pops is putting his kids at a disadvantage by opening his mouth.”

Miller said it’s time for Lakers President Magic Johnson to put his foot down with Ball, with authority.

“This is a time for Magic Johnson, the greatest Laker, in my opinion, of all-time, and now has taken the helm back … this is a chance for Magic Johnson to absolutely put his foot down and put an end to this,” he said. “He could really destroy LaVar if he really wanted to. I would go close to almost threatening, ‘If you keep opening your mouth … we are going to trade your son from the Lakers.'”

But Miller wasn’t finished.

“It’s one of two things — ‘Shut up, fall in line, let (coach) Luke (Walton) do what he wants to do and let Lonzo play how he wants to play, or we’ll start taking calls.’

“Magic Johnson has to say that.”