Lakers’ Magic Johnson: ‘I’m not scared of Golden State’

Lakers president Magic Johnson did not commit a tampering violation, the NBA ruled after a review.

The signing of LeBron James, if nothing else, has given the Los Angeles Lakers their swagger back, though it remains to be seen if they can back it up.

Lakers president Magic Johnson said two-time defending NBA champion Golden State doesn’t scare him.

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Johnson’s usual bravado came to the fore, which comes from being a five-time NBA champion.

“I love competition, and I love chasing the best. They’re the best so we’ll look forward to playing against them,” he said, according to Silver Screen and Roll.

Kimmel asked Johnson if the Lakers could beat the Warriors right now.

”I think that we’ll look forward to that challenge. Everybody expects Golden State to win again but I would love to have the challenge to play them in the Western Conference Finals if we can get to that position,” Johnson responded.

“I’m a competitor, so I’m not scared of Golden State. I’m not worried about Golden State. They don’t keep me up at night. I know that we have a really solid team, a good team, and a tough-minded team. And we got guys now who are winners.”

Of course, Johnson pointed to the signing of James as being crucial to the Lakers turning around their fortunes.

”LeBron James brings a championship mentality to our team,” he said. “So does (Rajon) Rondo, he’s won a championship with Boston. And then JaVale McGee, he used to play for Golden State, he’s won two championships.”