Thomas, Rondo bounced in Pelicans’ LA rout

Lakers guard Isaiah Thomas and Pelicans guard Rajon Rondo were thrown out for talking a little too much.

Isaiah Thomas was ejected in his second game as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, a 139-117 beatdown suffered at the hands of the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday.

The Lakers are now 0-2 since Thomas joined the team.

Of course, when it comes to meltdowns, Thomas wasn’t alone. Lakers coach Luke Walton and Pelicans point guard Rajon Rondo were also tossed, with all three men exiting before halftime.

In fact, Rondo and Thomas were bounced at the same after a war of words.

Per the Los Angeles Times:

The first set of ejections came as the first quarter closed when Rondo clashed with Thomas for a moment. The two seemed to separate without incident, but Rondo wasn’t finished, leading to a verbal exchange that resulted in both players getting ejected.

What did Rondo say? Well, according to reports, it had little to do with the game and much more to do with Paul Pierce, Rondo’s former teammate with the Boston Celtics.

If you remember, Pierce had his number retired Sunday, the same day the Celtics lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Thomas, also a former member of the Celtics, played for the Cavaliers until the trade deadline.

Initially, the Celtics were planning a video tribute for Thomas on Sunday. But Pierce objected, not wanting to share his special day.

Rondo remains close with his former Celtics teammates (save for Ray Allen), and apparently, was chirping about Pierce to IT.

Lost in this story, of course, was the mammoth night had by Pelicans star forward Anthony Davis. All he did was finish with 42 points and 15 rebounds and help the Pelicans ride a three-game winning streak into the All-Star break.

The Lakers, on the other hand, have dropped two in a row, and as mentioned, both have taken place since Thomas came on board. before that, they had been playing pretty well for a stretch.

But this can hardly be pinned on Thomas. The Lakers (23-33) are a young team that has had more ups than downs, and they were due for another slide.

At any rate, Thomas followed up his 22-point Lakers debut by scoring three points in five minutes Wednesday. Former Cavaliers forward Channing Frye, who didn’t play in his first game as a Laker, also finished with three points vs. the Pelicans, playing 11 minutes.


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  1. Was watching this game up until the ejections happened. Rondo definitely initiated stuff to IT’s face on two occasions. Was caught the first time.. Just before the second time IT and Rondo got caught up on an inbounds play with some physical contact, holding, and then on a screen IT sells a call to the refs with a semi-flop. After that whistle Rondo looks/talks at the ref while walking towards IT elbos first right into his face. Rondo is ejected seemingly rightfully so. Then they say IT is gone too. He must have said something because to eject IT for getting hit in the face twice and having a problem with it and complaining to the ref about it made no sense. Yes they were both talking to each other, and the flop wasnt necessary, but they didnt deserve equal punishment. Unless IT said something to the refs disrespectful when cameras werent on him, they screwed him out of a game. Im a huge Rondo fan but felt like he was asking for an ejection two cheap shots to IT’s face. The whole thing was bizarre, including the refs equal punishment. Seemed Rondo was coming out of nowhere and trying to get them both ejected. It worked. Refs looked stupid yet again.

  2. Martin Reese | February 15, 2018 at 8:43 am |

    Lakers already missing Clarkson and Nance, Jr. Thanks, Lakers!

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