Clippers have call to make on Williams

The Los Angeles Clippers and Lou Williams have discussed a contract extension, and that’s not a huge surprise given Williams’ recent play.

The latest example of a Williams outburst came Wednesday, when the Clippers snapped a 12-game losing streak to the Golden State Warriors, on the road, no less.

Williams put up 50 points, overshadowing Kevin Durant’s 40.

Yahoo Sports reported Williams and the Clippers are talking extension. Question is, how badly do the the Clippers intend to keep Williams, the midway frontfunner for Sixth Man of the Year?

It’s odd to see Williams having such a career season at the age of 31. Typically, these types of seasons come somewhat earlier in player’s career.

Don’t misunderstand — Williams has always been instant offense off the bench. Just not to this degree. Through the first 39 games, he is averaging 22.9 points and 4.9 assists.

As for contract extensions, HoopsRumors described it this way:

“Because Williams is earning just $7 million this season, his max extension would be worth approximately $42 million over four years.”

Is that something the Clippers want to pay? Or are they more content to rebuild with draft picks and younger players, that the likes of Williams and center DeAndre Jordan could merit in return?

The Feb. 8 trade deadline is now less than a month away. Williams deserves credit for having an All-Star season. And now, the Clippers must decide how best to reward him and how best to benefit the franchise moving forward.

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  1. Lou Williams is playing very comfortably for the Clippers. But if he goes to a new team via trade, will he still be in that groove. He seems to have been a journeyman who is having a prime year in LA, where he played for the Lakers. Tough to tell if they should move him. I wouldn’t. He’s box office this year, gives that team some excitement, like 50 points by Lou to overshadow KD and his 40… and they beat the Dubs at Oracle.

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