Grizzlies unlikely to trade Gasol; Evans on move?

Marc Gasol is not expected to be traded by the Grizzlies, according to a report.

A week ago, the Memphis Grizzlies shut down swingman Tyreke Evans, with the expectation of moving him by the trade deadline.

Evans remains very much available, but there have been rumors of center Marc Gasol also perhaps being discussed.

However, Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports reports the Grizzlies are unlikely to move their talented big man.

“Relax, Marc Gasol fans — it’s unlikely the Grizzlies’ franchise center is moved this week,” Mannix reports. “Memphis has fielded offers for Gasol, but Grizz officials have been underwhelmed.”

Evans, on the other hand, remains very much available, according to Mannix.

“Tyreke Evans has been shut down in anticipation of a trade, and there is an expectation that if Memphis can’t procure a first-round pick for Evans — difficult given Evans’ contract status — it will take the best offer on the table for Evans,” he reported.

The NBA trade deadline is 3 p.m. Thursday.