Report: Bucks have offer waiting for Cavs

Kyrie Irving is expected to be on his way to the Celtics, but if not, the Bucks may be waiting.

The Milwaukee Bucks have an offer lined up if the Cleveland Cavaliers’ trade of Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics falls through, according to a report from ESPN.

Per the report, the Bucks’ offer is centered on second-year point guard Malcolm Brogdon and forward Khris Middleton. Brogdon is the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year.

The Cavs and Celtics are revisiting talks that would send Irving to the Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Brooklyn Nets’ first-round pick.

“The Bucks have not yet put a first-round pick on the table, sources say, but the bet here is that they would to get the deal done — or if Irving showed any interest in staying in Milwaukee long-term,” ESPN reported.

For now, it appears the Cavs are moving ahead with the Celtics trade, and are hopeful it gets finalized. But the Bucks are apparently among the teams ready to start negotiating if the Cavs decide Thomas’ hip injury requires extra compensation.

“Brogdon and Middleton are good,” ESPN wrote. “They can shoot 3-pointers, and switch across multiple positions on defense. They are tailor-made to help the Cavs mimic theĀ Golden State Warriors, the only team LeBron James really cares about right now.”

Sources told Amico Hoops the Cavs could also re-open negotiations with the Phoenix Suns in the event the Celtics trade is vetoed.

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  1. Void the Boston trade. Take this one. The Deer will attach a draft pick to this. Won’t, in all probability, be as good as the Nets pick, but this is all around a better deal IMHO. Although I really like Crowder.

  2. Stop teasing me, Sam. This Bucks deal is too good to be true, especially if they include a first rounder or any of their serviceable big men. (Monroe, Henson, Maker) Thon Maker would be more valuable to us than any pick. Can you imagine an athletic freak 7-1 center who can block shots AND knock down 3-pointers… playing with LeBron? Get the Bucks to throw in Thon Maker, and their offer blows the Celtics out of the water. This Boston trade, as is, would certainly not improve our defense. Even if Thomas’ hip is 100%, which it is not, then we still will have to hide him on defense. The last thing the Cavs need is to add another problem on the defensive end. Don’t we already have enough poor defenders as it is? (Korver, Love, Thompson, Frye) I like Crowder in this deal, but is Jae Crowder and a questionable draft pick really enough compensation to receive in a deal for Kyrie Irving? I hate having to rely on a draft pick, and where the Nets ends up record-wise, and how the lottery balls end up as our entire reason for doing this trade. I’ll take a proven player or even a blue chip young player over a draft pick anyday. I’ve been against this Boston deal from the beginning, and I’m still 100% against it.

  3. Hoping for the Bucks trade. Could see Henson in the deal with a number 1 or Jabari Parker w/o the pick.

  4. I do not think the Cavs waiting to approve this trade to the last minute is a ploy to get more from Boston the more I think about it, but yet a bargaining ploy to all other 3teams in the NBA that the deadline to make your best offer for Kyrie is 10 am Thursday.Now, if the cavs get blown away at the last minute by another team that they feel is a better deal than the boston deal then the cavs will simply void the deal based on Thomas’s physical, but if no deal comes in better or lacking then they will just take the Boston deal. Look it already started with this Bucks leaked deal and I am sure their are others behind the scenes being discussed as well. Maybe the deadline causes the Suns to throw Jackson in afterall. Everyone is on the clock and if they want Irving the clock is ticking to beat Bostons deal and if not it still good for the cavs. Great job by Koby Altman.

  5. If the Cavs turn this down and take the Boston deal then everything being said about the front office is true. Dysfunctional.

  6. Ok everybody ready? Here he is! Jose Calderon your Cleveland Cavaliers starting point guard!!

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