Report: Wolves won’t deal Wiggins for Kyrie

While the Minnesota Timberwolves have been in contact with the Cleveland Cavaliers about a possible Kyrie Irving deal, they reportedly are not including small forward Andrew Wiggins in any trade packages as of now.

The Cavs, who are said to want a blue-chip young player and two veterans in return for Irving, have gained no traction on a trade with Minnesota or any of the other teams who have reached out to them.

While the Timberwolves aren’t willing to include Wiggins, sources have told Amico Hoops he would welcome a return to the team that drafted him with the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2014.

The Cavs later traded Wiggins to Minnesota as part of the deal for Kevin Love.

If the Wolves are unwilling to part ways with Wiggins, the Cavs should end all talks with them and stop wasting their time.

The Suns and Nuggets could still be in play for Irving if the Wolves are indeed out of contention, but there are obstacles with those scenarios as well.

Reports started to surface last week that Phoenix was open to sending guard Eric Bledsoe, this year’s first-round draft pick Josh Jackson, and a future pick in exchange for Irving.

Arizona Sports 98.7 in Phoenix, however, suggested that Jackson is off limits, creating yet another barrier in the Cavs’ attempts to move Irving.

Cleveland can still talk to Denver and try and acquire Jamal MurrayGary HarrisWilson Chandler and a pick from the Nuggets, but there haven’t been any rumblings about that coming to fruition.

With the way things have gone so far, it appears Irving may not be moved for quite some time.

Sam Amico contributed to this report.

4 Comments on "Report: Wolves won’t deal Wiggins for Kyrie"

  1. Jeff Wartman | August 1, 2017 at 3:28 pm |

    Everyone keeps saying they won’t include Josh Jackson. Same was said by Cavs about Wiggins, who was then traded. So don’t buy that at all. Nothing can happen with Josh Jackson until August 3rd…league rules state he can’t be traded for 30 days after signing his rookie contract with Phoenix (July 4th). So only reason things haven;t happened is because Jackson can’t be traded yet. Same with any other rookies which is what Cavs want in a package for Irving.

  2. We’ll know a lot more in two days. Aug. 3 is the day Jackson of the Suns can be traded.

  3. I agree with Ashish, if they won’t include Wiggins then hang up the phone. If we settle for Josh Jackson and Bledsoe than I think we can say goodbye to LBJ because Jackson is not going to really contribute to a championship run based on his scouting reports coming out of Summer League. Talented but FAR from ready to make major contributions….especially from a playoff team like ours that will sit him A LOT during the season as they make a championship push.

  4. Minnesota knows they have zero chance of getting Irving without Wiggins. So, I guess they are out or maybe they know another deal for Kyrie is getting done and they are just trying to save face at the last minute before that deal gets announced in a couple of days, so as to not piss Wiggins off. This scenario very well can be the case.

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