McGrady: Cavaliers can win the whole thing

Former NBA star Tracy McGrady, appearing on ESPN’s The Jump along with Rachel Nichols and Brian Windhorst made a bold proclamation while discussing the work done by Cavaliers General Manager Koby Altman at the trade deadline.

“He’s done a phenomenal job,” McGrady said. “He gets an A-plus for bringing in the right pieces to not only make this team a contender getting out of the Eastern Conference…. in my opinion, now, they could possibly win this whole thing.”

That brought claims of surprise from Nichols and Windhorst, but McGrady explained his reasoning.

“This is, I think, the best team LeBron (James) has been assembled (around) since being in Cleveland,” he said.

“You know, they won a championship, two years ago?” Windhorst asked McGray.

“They did, but they didn’t have this much depth and they didn’t have to play against Golden State with Kevin Durant,” McGrady countered.

Windhorst then made a point that with the Cavaliers no longer having Kyrie Irving, a buffer for LeBron James has been removed.

Again, McGrady countered.

“They don’t have Kyrie, but they have other guys that can create their own shot,” he said. “Now, they’re not as talented as Kyrie to go out and get 29 points in a Finals. But, I think they have enough guys that can do similar things and it equals what Kyrie brought.”

2 Comments on "McGrady: Cavaliers can win the whole thing"

  1. McCrady hid the nail on the head. They don’t have Kyrie, but they have guys that collectively gave you what Kyrie gave you. But you could key on Kyrie. Now you have multiple guys you have to worry about.

  2. Mcgrady understands the interconnection of players in combinations of five. The cavaliers are able to bring clarkson,hood, and nance off the bench with adequate size for their position along with the ability to defend their position and to move for switches in help defense. The only area where they have a weakness is at center that was exposed by steven adams who dominated thompson getting 12 offensive rebounds. If tyson chandler were available he is 35 yet able to start and play 24 minutes a game with nance and love as other front court players yet not centers but highly effective. Thompson would not be a part of the ten man rotation since nance is a better player than thompson in every facet of basketball. Chandler would not get shoved around by valanciunas or other legitimate centers the way in which thompson has. The cavaliers would have no apparent weakness if this addition occured.

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