Silver: NBA ‘ready to make that change’ to draft

NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke to reporters and made it clear he's no fan of trade demands.

How does the NBA go about eliminating the one-and-done rule?

That seems to be be only question remaining, as it appears the league is ready to let players make the leap straight from high school again.

“My personal view is that we’re ready to make that change,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver told reporters in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Some of the league’s all-time greats entered the draft straight out of high school — from LeBron James to Kobe Bryant to Kevin Garnett and even Moses Malone.

The league updated the rule in 2005, requiring prospects to be one year removed from high school to be eligible for the draft. Most spend the year in college, with Kentucky and Duke being the poster programs for the one-and-done hopefuls. Others might go overseas.

But apparently, if a player is ready, the league will go back to allowing him to … well, to enter the league.

“Reports have suggested that high school players will be allowed back in the draft as early as 2021, with NBPA president Michele Roberts hinting at an official announcement within ‘the next few months,'” CBS Sports reported.

Nine of this first 11 players taken in the most recent draft played just one season of college basketball. Most would’ve still been selected in the lottery had they made the leap directly from high school.