Owner: Warriors may aim to buy second-rounder

Warriors owner Joe Lacob says the team did not pick sides in suspending Draymond Green.

It’s not like the Golden State Warriors are desperate for help, but team owner Joe Lacob says they may pay for some, anyway.

According to Lacob, the Warriors may be looking to buy a second-round draft pick. Today, the defending champions own one first-rounder, No. 28 overall. And that’s it.

“For us, it’s (players drafted) 20 to 40 or 20 to 50,” Lacob told reporters at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. “Those are the players that are here to some extent. And that’s where we are — 28. Maybe we’ll buy a second-round pick again. I’m very aggressive with respect to those, as you know.”

Lacob speaks the truth, as the Warriors drafted no less than All-Star forward Draymond Green in the second round in 2012 (No. 35 overall).

You can watch Lacob’s full 11-minute interview below.