Insider: Cavs need Kemba to entice LeBron to stay

Hornets point guard Kemba Walker has garnered lots of buzz as a possible trade candidate.

There are many opinions on what the Cleveland Cavaliers need to do to improve the roster and help convince LeBron James to continue to call Northeast Ohio his basketball home.

According to NBA insider Ian Begley of ESPN, what Cleveland must do to make that happen is clear.

“I just think you have to trade for a point guard who can make things easier for everybody on the court, including LeBron,” Begley said while appearing on The Bull and Fox Show on 92.3 The Fan.

Begley has a guy in mind, too, and he’s an All-Star.

Kemba Walker was dangled by Charlotte before the trade deadline,” he said. “If you could somehow land a player like him in a trade prior to the draft … shortly after the draft, I certainly think that would impact LeBron’s thinking.”

Our Sam Amico in his terrific “Dribbles” column mentioned Walker, specifically, Monday night.

With the draft on tap Thursday night. the Cavaliers have the eighth overall selection, originally owned by the Brooklyn Nets and acquired from the Boston Celtics on Aug. 22 as part of blockbuster deal that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston.

Begley doesn’t see Cleveland being able to select a player with that pick that would move the needle for James and what he’s thinking. James has a $35.6 million player option and he must inform the Cavaliers whether he’s picking it up or not by 11:59 p.m. on June 29.

“I don’t think there’s a player that Cleveland could take in the draft that LeBron says, ‘Oh my goodness, I have to play with this guy. I have to re-sign with the Cavs,'” Begley said.

Which means the trade market is the best avenue for the Cavaliers to get where they need to go, Begley said.

“I think there are players available via the trade market that would really entice LeBron to stick around,” he said.

Meaning Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman, assistant GM Mike Gansey and their staff are burning up the phone lines.

“I have to think that Koby Altman is working hard right now to try to put something together to make an impact,” Begley said. “It’s not just that draft pick, that first-round pick. But it’s an additional move, a trade that lands a strong contributor on that Cavs roster.”

Not that it will be a non-perilous trail to blaze for Cleveland, though.

“It’s just such a tricky to position to be in, though. I feel for the management team over there,” Begley said. “Just because there’s so much uncertainty. How do you make a potentially franchise-altering transaction without knowing what LeBron is going to do?

“So, (it’s) certainly not an easy position for Koby Altman and those guys to be in and I don’t envy them.”

9 Comments on "Insider: Cavs need Kemba to entice LeBron to stay"

  1. Kemba is OVERRATED! Better than what we have but he does not excite me as far as matching up with the West if LBJ stays. They have to do better than him.

  2. I would like to add that the contract the Cavs should offer James is a two year with a team option. I’ll assume James is going to play until he’s 40 or until he gets tired of it all. However, the impact James had on a team like he did the Cavs this past season and in the playoffs was unlike anything I’ve seen in recent years. I just hope by playing every regular season game, most down to the very wire and including playing nearly 48 per during the playoffs didn’t take the soul out of him. How many more years can you expect him to play like he did this past year? “The lightbulb burns the brightest just before it goes out.”

  3. sam casermol | June 20, 2018 at 3:05 pm |

    is this a joke!?.. midget kemba w/ flat-footed love!!.. wake up CLE.. it’s ovah.. let LBJ go chase the dream on some super-team.. the time to start building something that is watchable is now.. trade love and whatever else to get the grizzlies #4 (incl parsons).. try to get wendell carter and perhaps sexton.. decent young duo.. let em grow with cedi, zizic, nance, hood, and even JC.. they will stink for a few.. but keep adding the youth and see what happens.. this is a strong draft.. th time is now to part ways with LBJ.. and move on

    • That’s all fine and dandy, but what if James Opts in? James controls this year whether he stays or goes.

  4. sam casermol | June 20, 2018 at 6:04 pm |

    personally, i would love to support a home-grown team.. young, hungry, competitive players who are willing to work.. very few of these guys are worth the post-rook contracts (and if truth be told, not many are worth the rook $$),. which is why there is so much bad paper in the league.. i say sign ’em.. and unless you have a truly extraordinary player, or one that really loves CLE (and wants to be here, perhaps because it is home), let them all move on.. just keep the thing rollin’ along.. perhaps the indians have the right approach.. they know they can’t compete with NY or LA in terms of free agents, so player development is key, but when you get a great talent (re kluber) who will happily stay.. you give them the best deal you can afford..

  5. Dale Berger | June 20, 2018 at 10:53 pm |

    With all due respect, sadly, the players run the league. “A home grown team” is not possible. Those pipe-dreamy days of Celtic loyalty are long gone. Go get the best player/s you can with the assets you have. One and done college players are not ready to thrive for 3-4 years.

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