Agents for prospects no fans of Kings, Celtics

Kings GM Vlade Divacs was a very busy man Thursday before the trade deadline and is slated to speak on Sacramento's moves at a press conference today.

Agents representing incoming NBA talent have been reluctant to let their talent work out for the Sacramento Kings and Boston Celtics, according to a report from ESPN.

As Hoops Rumors noted: “Specifically, Chad Ford writes, that agents have been actively avoiding the Kings and the Celtics for two very different reasons.”

Per the ESPN report:

“It would be malpractice to let my clients play for them,” a longtime agent told Ford of the Kings. “I’ve had clients there. It’s still the most dysfunctional front office in the league, by a mile. How can you trust those guys with one of your players? It’s going to take a long time to build that trust.”

Also …

“I have deep respect for the Celtics,” another agent told ESPN. “They may have the best GM and head coach in the league. But I’d have to understand what the plan would be for my client before I let them come. They are loaded at every position. There’s a real danger that they take a player and either he plays a limited role off the bench, or he becomes an asset to be traded to a situation that we’re uncomfortable with. It’s tough.“

Of course, one thing that’s been left unsaid here is that any real agent would want his client earning the most money possible — and if it means being drafted by the Kings or Celtics, then so be it.