Cavs’ loss nets eighth overall spot in draft lottery

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery is scheduled for May 14, with the actual draft to be held June 20.

When it comes the NBA draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers did a nice job of losing in the regular-season finale to the visiting New York Knicks on Wednesday.

That’s because the Cavs own Brooklyn’s first-round draft pick, and the Nets’ loss to Boston made them one win worse than the Knicks.

To recap:

1. With the win over the Cavs (50-32), the Knicks finished 29-53.

2. With the loss to the Celtics (55-27), the Nets finished 28-54.

3. So if the draft were held today, the Cavs would own the No. 8 overall pick. Of course, that means little, as the draft order will be determined by a lottery of Ping-Pong balls in May.

Last time the Cavs entered the lottery in the No. 8 overall spot? Try 2011, when that eighth overall pick they received in a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers bounced its way to No. 1 overall.

The player the Cavs drafted that season — no less than Kyrie Irving. Interestingly, it was Irving who was traded to the Celtics that landed the Cavs this year’s lottery pick from Brooklyn.

Basically, perhaps it’s time for Cavs fans to start preparing for the unexpected, and perhaps, the extraordinary.