Interview: Bucks’ Middleton talks Bledsoe trade

Khris Middleton says the Bucks have to close teams out sooner.

CLEVELAND — Milwaukee Bucks forward Khris Middleton spoke to Amico Hoops about the trade for Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe, finalized Tuesday afternoon. Middleton is 6-foot-8 and was second on the Bucks in scoring (15.9 ppg), rebounds (5.9 rpg) and assists (4.9 apg) through nine games. 

Q: What does Eric Bledsoe bring to the team?

A: He’ll be another great player for us, a guy who can create for others and for himself. This is big. We have multiple ball-handlers now, that gives us a variety of options. We’re excited to play with him.

Q: Do you think the team can adjust to him quickly, and vice versa?

A: We’ll see. It usually takes time. He has to learn the offense and defensive schemes. They’re obviously a little different (in Milwaukee than Phoenix). But he’s a smart player, so we should mesh eventually, hopefully fast.

Q: How tough is it to lose Greg Monroe, traded to the Suns as part of the deal?

A: It’s always tough to lose one of your guys. Greg was a very good player for us, helped us win more than a few games when he was here. He’s one of my good friends. I just wished him the best of luck.

Q: What are your overall impressions of the season so far?

A: We just gotta be consistent. That’s our main problem right now. We have to do it for the whole game, and do it for multiple games in a row.

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