Interview: Dinwiddie says Nets focused on growth

Spencer Dinwiddie will miss 4-6 weeks with torn ligaments in his hand

CLEVELAND — The Brooklyn Nets won six of their first 16 games and for a lot of teams, that would be considered a rough start. To the Nets, however, it’s viewed as progress.

With wins over Cleveland and Portland earlier in the season, the Nets have shown signs of development and understanding how to win.

Then again, according to Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie, every game is a biggie.

“If we’re going off of last year, then everybody’s considered a big team to us,” Dinwiddie told Amico Hoops prior to Wednesday’s game against the Cavs.

“We come in here and we try to do our job every night and stick to our principles: Play hard, give effort, compete and just kinda let it all hang out and let the chips fall where they may. We feel that we have the talent on this roster to compete with anybody. It’s all about just getting wins.”

Dinwiddie’s role has increased following the injuries to D’Angelo Russell and Jeremy Lin. Now in his fourth NBA season, Dinwiddie is starting for the Nets. In five starts (entering Wednesday), Dinwiddie is averaging 17 points and seven assists.

“Honestly, just doing what the coaches want and trying to stay within the system and our principles,” he said. “Just trying to give maximum effort while I’m on the floor. So far, it’s been fairly good results.”

Along with DeMarre Carroll and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Dinwiddie has helped elevate a Nets team from a pushover to a tough night at the arena. With the return of Russell later in the season, they hope to be gunning for a playoff berth. It would be Brooklyn’s first trip to the postseason since 2014-15.

So after hard times and draining seasons, the future for Brooklyn basketball may finally looking bright.