Weekly Mailbag: Cavs, Carmelo, Jennings

Tristan Thompson may be the next Cavaliers name to hit the rumor mill.

Here are your questions, and my answers, from the Amico Hoops e-mail bag. Send your NBA-related questions to me at the Amico Hoops contact form or at samamico@gmail.com.

Do you think the Cavs are still in the running for Carmelo Anthony? – Joe

Dear Joe, yes, I do. Rumblings of talks centered on Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert surfaced recently — although the Cavs are extremely hesitant to part with Thompson and the Knicks don’t really want Shumpert (again). Meanwhile, the Rockets have been unable to pull off a deal despite multiple efforts and trying to get multiple teams involved. And word is, they may be satisfied with a small forward combination of Trevor Ariza, P.J. Tucker and now Luc Mbah a Moute. I doubt the Rockets will give up, but they no longer seem nearly as desperate.

With everything happening , does this mean Carmelo Anthony is headed for a buyout? – Marc F.

Dear Marc, I doubt it. I think the Knicks will just keep him and make him miserable before they write a huge check (and it would indeed be colossal) to let him walk away for nothing. If the Knicks can’t work out a deal with the Rockets or Cavs, they likely think Anthony will eventually cave and accept a trade to the Trail Blazers or someone else.

Any chance either LA team is looking at Brandon Jennings as a backup point guard? – Charles F.

Dear Charles, I have not heard Jennings being linked to the Lakers or Clippers so far, but that could certainly change as training camp nears in September. So far when it comes to Jennings, I’ve heard of interest from the Nuggets, Hawks and Spurs. But even that was at the start of free agency two weeks ago.

Will Carmelo be a Knick or Rocket before training camp? And when do you think he’ll get traded? – Deven

Dear Deven, great question — but trades are a hard thing to predict. Know why? Because human behavior is hard to predict, and the people behind trades are all humans. That said, I can say both the Knicks and Anthony want this relationship to end. So if I have to pick one, I pick the Rockets. And I predict it will happen in early August.

What do you think the Cavs’ next move will be? So far they’ve signed Jose Calderon, Jeff Green, and brought over Cedi Osman. I like the addition of Green and Osman but am struggling with what this front office will do next. Can the Cavs really beat the Warriors in a seven-game series? – Charles K.

Dear Charles, I think the Cavs’ next move will be a trade as opposed to a free-agent signing. I think they are still very “all in” on Carmelo Anthony. But if that doesn’t pan out, they will look for help elsewhere. There is no telling where that might be right now. We won’t know until Anthony is moved (assuming it ever happens). As for the Warriors, the Cavs don’t need to worry about beating them in a seven-game series until about a year from now. No one wins championships in July. 🙂

Have you heard of any interest from Cleveland’s front office (it’s funny just typing that right now) on any of the following players for the league minimum? Michael Beasley, Tony Allen, Monta Ellis, Gerald Henderson, Shabazz Muhammad, Terrence Jones, Gerald Green, Donatas Montiejunas, and yeah maybe even Andrew Bogut again now that he is healthy. I know at this time they have one open roster spot. If they could get any one of the players listed above I think it could drastically help the Cavs in the regular season/playoffs off the bench. – Ian

Dear Ian, the Cavs definitely have expressed an interest in Beasley, Allen and Montiejunas, but I think they want to keep the roster spot open at the moment. (They may have interest in others off your list, I just haven’t heard of it.) It’s a nice list, and you’re right, all of those guys would help. I can’t understand why Terrence Jones is still out there, for one. But again, the Cavs clearly are going to be patient until they figure out what’s up with Carmelo.

Do you think the Cavaliers will be able to trade Channing Frye and Iman Shumpert, and will they bring back Derrick Williams? Also, who are their trade targets? – Charless S.

Dear Charless, I think Frye will be easier than Shumpert, simply because Frye’s contract comes off the books at the end of next season. The Suns have expressed an interest, as they think Frye would be a nice influence on the younger players. They simply love the guy in Phoenix. That said, the Suns will likely wait until September or October to make any such move (if at all). As for Shumpert, we heard the rumors about the Rockets, but those talks apparently are dead. Look for the Cavs to work on the Knicks, Raptors and Pacers next.

Arron Afflalo seems like an excellent fit for the Cavs — both on the court and on the limited payroll. He’s a wing defender that can hit the three. Why the apparent lack of interest? (Arron Afflalo also seems like a typo waiting to happen!) By the way, I think Shabazz Muhammed would be a good fit too since he could create his own shot on a second unit, but I assume he’s too pricey for the Cavs because of his age and potential. – John B.

Dear John, first of all, you’re right. I never type “Afflalo” right on the first attempt. (Or “Shabazz,” for that matter.) Secondly, I think those players are indeed out of the Cavs’ price range. I’ve heard Afflalo will head overseas if he doesn’t get the deal he wants here. Muhammed is drawing lots of interest and holding out for more than the Cavs can offer. But hey, great sugestions and again, keep your eyes peeled for potential trades (and typos)!

Tristan, Shumpert and Kay Felder (if necessary) to Phoenix; Carmelo and Joakim Noah to the Cavs; Eric Bledsoe to the Knicks (they have expressed interest in him); Frye to Knicks. Total dollars work. Knicks get a player they want and dump a bunch of salary. – Dave

Dear Dave, thank you. I will let your cohorts discuss. (P.S. The Cavs have a GM opening.)

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  1. Sorry Dave but the numbers don’t work for the Cavs, TT, Schumpert and Frye is roughly 33 mil outgoing but Melo and Noah coming in is roughly 44 mil for a team already smashed by luxury tax penalties. Secondly why would the Cavs want Noah? Crazy suggestion.

    Id sooner send Frye and Schumpert to Phoenix and bring Bledsloe back to the Cavsand pair him in the backcourt with Kyrie, making JR the 6th man off the bench.

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