Swingmen high on trade season wish-lists

Hawks swingman Kent Bazemore is drawing interest from opposing teams as the trade deadline nears.

Teams on the lookout for help at the swing positions of small forward and shooting guard are already on the ball ahead of the trading deadline, according to a report from ESPN.

Atlanta’s Kent Bazemore, Brooklyn’s DeMarre Carroll, Orlando’s Evan Fournier and Utah’s Alec Burks are all drawing interest as teams try to shore up their perimeter play for a playoff push.

Of course, the deadline is a month away (Feb. 8), and plenty can and will happen between now and then — with even more taking place between now and the playoffs.

Still, some teams have been aggressive in trying to turn the corner, with the Detroit Pistons and New Orleans Pelicans fitting that description perhaps better than most.

“Detroit pursued a deal for Fournier, but that would’ve been hard to execute without Reggie Jackson’s contract included — even if Detroit decided to include promising rookie Luke Kennard,” ESPN noted. “Jackson will be sidelined for another month-plus with a severely sprained ankle.”

At least one “wow” trade will likely be made, as one seems to happen every year right about this time. (Last season, it was DeMarcus Cousins being shipped from the Sacramento Kings to the Pelicans.)

San Antonio is said to have an interest in just about each of the aforementioned swingman, with Burks perhaps being the easiest to get and highest on the Spurs’ wish-list.

But those just a few examples. Much more is certainly to come.

So buckle in and stay tuned. When it comes to NBA trade season, this is just the first half of the first quarter.

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  1. Burks, Fournier or Bazemore would be nice upgrades for JR Smith. I’m not saying they would take him back but I see them as upgrades at the two. I would trade Crowder for any of them for sure. I might throw in our number one for Fournier if they took Shumpert or JR as well.

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