Amico: Knicks putting Rockets, Cavs on hold

Carmelo Anthony has engaged with his Knicks teammates as the start of training camp nears.

The New York Knicks are in the middle of some serious business right now, but that business does not at the moment include trading Carmelo Anthony.

That’s the latest from ESPN, which reported the Knicks have brought a pause to trade talks with the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Those talks, of course, are centered on the Knicks’ star forward — who has made it pretty clear lately he would like to move on. But Anthony wants to move on to the right team, and for him, that team will either be Cleveland or Houston.

Armed with a no-trade clause in his contract, he can have final say in his own basketball destination. Everyone knows the Cavs and the Rockets are the two that will get him to waive the clause.

So, what’s the holdup?

Well, for one, the Knicks and Rockets can’t work out a deal that satisfies both parties. Nor can the Knicks and Cavs.

Secondly, the Knicks are in the process of hiring Scott Perry as their new general manager. Perry was just brought on as the Sacramento Kings’ executive vice president of basketball operations in April — and according to ESPN, the Knicks and Kings need to work out some sort of compensation before Perry can make the move.

And until Perry makes the move, it appears no one in New York basketball will move, either. That includes Anthony.

But as ESPN noted, Anthony hardly seems open to continuing on with the team when he apparently is coming so close to being traded to a true contender. It doesn’t hurt that good friend Chris Paul plays for one contender (Rockets), and close friend LeBron James plays for the other (Cavs).

But again, pulling off a trade isn’t easy.

The Knicks and Rockets were supposedly getting closer and working on a deal that involved two other teams, with one of those teams reportedly being the Pelicans.

The Cavs, despite not having an official GM, were also said to be reaching out to potential third teams to gauge their interest in helping push forward an Anthony deal to Cleveland.

The Cavs do not want to surrender power forward Kevin Love, sources said, but they apparently will part with newcomer Cedi Osman — if not to the Knicks, then to someone who can give the Knicks what they want.

Now, though, it appears everything is in a holding pattern until the Knicks get their new main basketball man in charge. Then, it appears, they will let Perry decide what’s next.

After that, the decision will largely be left up to Anthony. If he wants to keep the trade ball rolling, the Rockets and Cavs will most certainly continue to give that ball a chase.

And that is precisely what most around the league seem to think will happen within a few short weeks, if not just a few short days.