Thunder trio gaining confidence, steam

Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony have each missed the previous two games.

Maybe, this talented trio in Oklahoma City is finally starting to feel as if it’s coming together.

After all, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and the Thunder just buried the defending champions the other night. And sometimes a win like that is all a team needs to really get rolling.

“We all know what each individual can and can’t do on the court,” George told “I know how special Russ is, how special Melo is. As much as they’re scorers, they’re also playmakers.”

The Thunder are 8-9 heading into Friday’s home game against the Detroit Pistons. While they remain a little up-and-down, they have won four of six as they learn to play off one another.

“They’re great players,” Westbrook told of Anthony and George. “My job is to make sure they’re comfortable in their spots and comfortable doing things that best benefits their game. They’ll look at me and I’ll give them the look that tells them to shoot it.

“It’s a process and a long season and we’re figuring out what works best and where guys like the ball. We’re getting a better sense of that now. We’re not worried about who shoots what and when. Whoever has it going that’s where the ball’s going. The game will tell you what to do.”

Is it time to start believing in the Thunder? Maybe, and if not, it’s sure time to start believing they can put it all together at some point.