Raptors GM wants team to play different style

Kyle Lowry has signed a deal to return to the Raptors.

Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri held a season-ending press conference and when it comes to the future of the team … well, it’s hard to know what to believe.

“If I came in here and said we are going to decide we are going to do this and this and this, I think I would be a bad leader, right, after one day after you lose,” said Ujiri. “Is there any decision I can make right now that is the right decision today? To me I feel like talking now is BS basically. It’s absolute BS why we need to do this today. You might as well talk to me in like a month.”

But Ujiri will have some decisions to make.

Namely, does Dwane Casey remain as coach? (Some have suggested it’s iffy.)

Does Kyle Lowry return — or leave in free agency, or maybe via sign-and-trade? (Some have suggested it’s a possibility.)

Or how about Serge Ibaka, Norman Powell, Patrick Patterson? What are we to think about who will be back and who won’t?

When it comes to the Raptors, it seems there are no easy answers.

Per Hoops Rumors:

Ujiri sounds like he may be considering a coaching change, Michael Grange of Sportsnet writes.

“Yes there is commitment [to Dwane Casey],” Ujiri said. “But we are all going to question ourselves. We are all going to seriously question ourselves now, and figure out the best way to do it. Because coach Casey has been a phenomenal part of our success here, you know, and in some ways we owe that to him [the opportunity to continue].

“But I’ve told him that we all have to be accountable. I haven’t slept, and I know he hasn’t slept too, because we’re thinking of ways that we can continue to make these things better, and make the right decisions.”

Ujiri added that the team needs to play a different style and that Casey will be given a chance to make the switch.