Dunn said to be pleasant surprise at early Bulls camp

Bulls point guard Kris Dunn has some competition for the starting role this season.

It’s early, but Kris Dunn seems like a new player now that he has some serious competition for the Chicago Bulls’ starting point guard job, as relayed by K.C. Johnson of NBC Sports.

Dunn is in a contract season, and while he seemed “defensive and detached” at the end of last season, Johnson wrote that the fourth-year player is now receiving rave reviews for determination.

The Bulls acquired Tomas Satoransky in a trade and Satoransky started in place of John Wall with the Washington Wizards last season. Satoransky proved to be a team-first player and did an admirable job. He is a candidate to start with the Bulls as well.

Along with that, the Bulls drafted combo point guard Coby White with their lottery pick.

Dunn seems to know all this.

“For now, there certainly appears to be a role for him, even if it’s a reserve one,” Johnson wrote. “And this being a contract year, Dunn should be motivated.”

The Bulls are aiming to take another step and maybe even surprise their way to the playoffs. Adding players such as Satoransky and forward Thaddeus Young should help. So should the continued growth of Lauri Markkenan and Wendell Carter Jr. in the frontcourt.

But they will also need a few surprises, and perhaps Dunn will turn out to be one.