Old friend Jones did LeBron, Chandler a solid

The close friendship between LeBron James and James Jones helped Tyson Chandler to land with the Lakers.

It’s well known James Jones was one of LeBron James’ all-time favorite and most-trusted teammates. After spending all those years together, first in Miami and then in Cleveland, the two became very close friends.

That friendship paid off for James and his new team, the Los Angeles Lakers this week, according to a report.

Jones, now the interim general manager of the Phoenix Suns, did James’ Lakers a favor by opening the door for James’ Lakers to sign veteran big man Tyson Chandler, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPN.

“James did LeBron a solid,” he said a source told him.

Upon being told that statement, LeBron didn’t deny it.

“He deserves all the credit,” he said of Jones, who was named Phoenix’s interim GM when Ryan McDonough was fired. “He was very instrumental. He did Tyson right as a veteran.”

The Suns agreed to a buyout with Chandler as opposed to attempting to extract some form of compensation, allowing him to hit the open market and sign the with the team of his choice.

With the Lakers needing a big to back up JaVale McGee, Chandler appears to fit Los Angeles like a glove.

He pounded the offensive glass for five boards, including three in the final 66 seconds, to help push the Lakers past the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night at Staples Center, one day after signing with Los Angeles. Chandler finished with eight rebounds in 23 minutes in the 114-110 takedown of the Timberwolves.

“LeBron is the greatest player of our generation,” he 36-year-old Chandler said. “So, to be able to lace them up with him, it’s a great opportunity. Like I told him, I’m going to follow his lead. He’s an incredible leader.”