Only six teams have at least full mid-level money left to spend

Rodney Hood is a restricted free-agent.

The dust is beginning to settle a bit in regards to the wild and wacky NBA free-agent market.

After the flurry of activity Thursday night, only six teams in the league have the mid-level exception ($8.6 million) or more that they can spend on free agents.

The MLE is $8.6 million and will be where restricted free agents, players such as Clint Capela (Houston), Jabari Parker (Milwaukee), Marcus Smart (Boston) and Rodney Hood (Cleveland) will be setting their sights in terms of signing offer sheets, which their present teams will be forced to decide whether to match or not.

The Chicago Bulls and the Sacramento Kings have the wiggle room to create approximately $20 million in salary-cap room.

The Atlanta Hawks can free up around $11 million.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, the Utah Jazz and the Miami Heat all have the full MLE available.

Here’s our list of the remaining free-agent players looking for contracts.