Perkins: Curry, Dubs should ‘pick another battle’ than him

Steph Curry of the Warriors has words with Kendrick Perkins of the Cavaliers during Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

Kendrick Perkins has not been a participant in a playoff game since appearing in eight contests for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2015, but the veteran big man remains in the news.

Perkins said the Golden State Warriors, especially Steph Curry, to “pick another battle” after an incident in Game 2 at Oracle Arena.

For those who missed it, Curry exchanged words with Perkins in front of the Cavaliers bench. The two-time NBA MVP felt Perkins, who did not move from his seat, should have tried to get out of the way after Curry made a crazy 3-pointer just prior to the buzzer to end the third quarter.

“I was just sitting there and he landed on my leg,” Perkins told The Boston Globe. “And he was standing over my leg and I don’t understand what people want me to do. He was like, ‘What you on?’ and I’m like, ‘What you mean what I’m on?’ I’m sitting over here.

“I don’t know why people keep wanting to pick battles this way. Might want to choose that [expletive] wisely, man, [rather] than [bleeping] with me. I don’t think I’m the problem that they want, though; might want to pick another battle.”

Curry and the Warriors thought Perkins should have made an effort to get out of the way of Curry, whose right leg bumped into Perkins.

It’s the third incident Perkins in which he has been involved during  the Cavaliers’ playoff run. Perkins exchanged words with rapper Drake, who owns part of the Raptors, during the Eastern Conference semifinals in Toronto. During Game 1 of the Finals, Draymond Green of the Warriors picked up pom-poms after an on-court dustup with Tristan Thompson of the Cavaliers and began mimicking Perkins on the end of the Golden State bench.