Picture this: Mural of LeBron in LA defaced

This mural of LeBron James in Los Angeles was defaced.

Perhaps not all fans in Los Angeles are happy to have for Cleveland Cavaliers great LeBron James landing in their lap.

A fan online posted he would pay money to anyone in the Los Angeles area who would be willing to deface a mural painted as a tribute to James.

It appears as if someone did the deed.

As seen in the photos above, someone spray-painted “we don’t want you,” along with “3-6,” “LeFraud,” “We don’t wan you” and “NO KING” on the mural.

The “3-6” reference is the record of James’ teams in the NBA Finals.

This marks the second time in recent years something regarding LeBron has been defaced.

Previously, the front gate of his home in Los Angeles had the N-word spray-painted on it.