Poll: Are LeBron James, Lakers a playoff team?

LeBron James signed a four-year deal with the Lakers in July.

LeBron James. Rajon Rondo. Michael Beasley. Lance Stephenson. And you can even throw in JaVale McGee. Those are the veterans the Lakers have added to an otherwise young core.

Of course, no one would care about the other additions, or be wondering how good the Lakers could be, if it weren’t for LeBron. As we’ve seen time and again, with LeBron, all things are possible.

But this is the Western Conference we’re talking about — with everyone from the two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors to the Houston Rockets to perhaps the Oklahoma City Thunder, Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, New Orleans Pelicans and a host of others standing in the way.

In other words, welcome to the Wild, Wild West, LeBron. This isn’t the JV conference anymore.

So how well can this new band of Lakers really expect to do? Let us know in the poll below.

Where will the Lakers finish in the Western Conference?

First or second seed.
Third or fourth seed.
Fifth of sixth seed.
Seventh of eighth seed.
Won’t make playoffs.