Poll: Share your fandom… is it players, teams or a combo of both?

Are you more a fan of players, such as LeBron James, teams or a mashup of both?

OK, NBA fans, we here at Amico Hoops are curious about how you follow the game.

Are you fanatical about individual players, such as LeBron, Steph, Russ, A.D., Kyrie, K.D., Dipo or Embiid, a certain team, such as the Warriors, the Lakers, the Celtics, the Sixers, the Rockets, or even a combination of both?

Cast your vote and feel free to explain in the comments section below:


Do you pull for/follow individual players or teams more?

Players… the NBA is the best soap opera around with all the personalities, feuds and drama
Teams… it’s the name on the front of the jersey that matters, not the back.. now get off my lawn!
Both… my team sucks, but I do still follow them, but other great players provide me an escape