Poll: Which Blue Devil would you draft with first overall pick?

Duke freshmen R.J. Barrett, left, and Zion Williamson are at the top of every list of NBA draft prospects.

It took all of one college game for the basketball world to begin buzzing about Duke freshmen R.J. Barrett and Zion Williamson.

Based on that performance, a Blue Devils stomping of the Kentucky Wildcats, it’s pretty evident that Barrett and Williamson are ready to play in the NBA — right now.

Barrett is a 6-foot-7 wing whose combination of athleticism, grace and all-around pro skills have scouts drooling. He scored 33 points in 32 minutes in the opener.

Meanwhile, there’s little graceful about the powerful Williamson. He simply gets it done with brute force around the basket. Williamson is built like Karl Malone and displayed an uncanny knack to handle and pass the ball, as well as attack the basket to the point where the rim might cringe with fear. He scored 28 points in 23 minutes in the opener, missing just two of his 13 field-goal attempts along the way.

Wow, wow and double wow.

So, let’s say the NBA draft is … well, tomorrow. Your team has the No. 1 pick. Who do you take? Vote below.

Which Duke standout would you draft with the first pick?

R.J. Barrett
Zion Williamson
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