Poll: Which member of the Cavaliers will be traded next?

Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love always seems to draw plenty of interest around the trade deadline.

It’s no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to make moves and intend to be one of the more aggressive teams between now and the February trade deadline.

So far, they have already traded Kyle Korver, George Hill and Sam Dekker, parted ways with J.R. Smith, and will most definitely listen to calls for Tristan Thompson and even Kevin Love. (But remember, there’s a difference between listening and actively trying to trade a player.)

But this year, it’s pretty evident that anyone other than perhaps rookie Collin Sexton could go anywhere, anytime.

The Houston Rockets have repeatedly expressed interest in Smith. Contending teams love the expiring contracts of Alec Burks and Rodney Hood.

And Love just signed a four-year extension — meaning any opposing team that wants him (and many do) wouldn’t have to worry about him leaving anytime soon.

As always, you can never discount the idea that the Cavs may not find a deal they like. They could even finish the season exactly as is. But that seems highly unlikely.

So, who gets traded next? Make your prediction from the options below and share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this post.

Who among these Cavs is most likely to be traded next?

Kevin Love
Tristan Thompson
Rodney Hood
Alec Burks
Jordan Clarkson
Cedi Osman
Other (explain in comments)
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4 Comments on "Poll: Which member of the Cavaliers will be traded next?"

  1. j.r. probably next. I don’t see why clarkson,hood,osman or even Burks would be considered. mid 20 guys should be kept. if they unload everyone and play 19&20 year olds,they’ll be losing a fan who’s been loyal since 1970, yes that includes stepien years, and Dan & Ted are alike evaluating talent.

  2. I like Clarkson but he doesnt fit 2 years out. How about Clarkson to Suns for josh jackson and dragan bender? Both have down years but 21 with allstar potential. We have ‘good’ players but need to roll the dice for a chance at ‘great’ players.

  3. Question for me is if any of those listed are truly worth a lottery pick? Then again, we got the #1 over all and picked up Kyrie by trading by trading what’s his name to the Clippers.

  4. JR will likely go before some of the others I imagine. Not really interested in too many 19/20 players going forward. You just don’t win when you have a lot of them playing i.e look at the SUNS. I would like a mix of vets and a couple of rookies .

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